Tuesday, June 29, 2010

An Update

Hi All!

Well, I have good news! My rash is going away! Apparently, it was the kind of thing that took a week and two days to go away. I still have no clue what in the world caused the rash (I am positive that Hubby wasn't trying to poison me though!) but it is going away. In fact, this morning, I only have splotches of the rash here and there instead of a total covering of the rash.

I do remember scratching violently during the night last night so all of the itchiness isn't gone but . . . progress! Yeah!

Speaking of progress . . . I made two batches of freezer jam yesterday. It was easy and, I hope the results are good. I plan on testing out the resulting jam in just a couple minutes on some toast.

Hubby brought up an interesting question while I was making the last batch of jam last night. He wondered where the idea for freezer jam ever came from (since he had never heard of such a thing until he met me and my family). That got me wondering too. Just where in the world DID the stuff come from? Obviously it doesn't go back to the time of the pioneers since they didn't have freezers. Personally, I think it was just an easier way to make jam - instead of all of the cooking and canning and all of that good stuff. What do you think?

Have YOU ever heard of freezer jam before?

This morning is the first morning in a long time that I have skipped walking/swimming. I do have a good reason though - it was storming when I was ready to walk. I didn't think that swimming in lightening would be a good idea and since I couldn't swim - I decided to head back to bed. It was nice to get another little nap while listening to the rain pitter-pat on the roof.

The hunt for my new vehicle is still in progress. I have pretty much decided that I want to purchase a Toyota Venza but we are still trying to actually get that from idea to reality. I will keep you updated with my vehicle-hunt progress. Hopefully, when it is all done I will have some pictures to share. AND - hopefully, I won't have to go car shopping in the 90+ degree weather for much longer!

Happy Tuesday!


Voice Update: Still holding its own! I did get to my reading last night and finished up the book of Job. Now I am into the Psalms and - based on the length of this book - I will be there for a long, long time! As for the massage, I did some while lotioning my neck and while washing my face. I am sure it wasn't nearly enough but it is a start, right?


Diane said...

My grammy used to make freezer jam all the time! I loved it!

Good luck on your car search. What is your criteria?

Mental P Mama said...

I thought it was just me...now I need the recipe. Thank you.

Chris H said...

I have never heard of freezer jam!
Glad the rash is going.