Friday, June 4, 2010

Balloons - on a Plant!

Hi All!

Happy Friday! Yesterday I didn't blog because I had to go and get a mammogram - fun, fun, fun! Anyway, that messed up my entire schedule (it was at 8:15 in the morning) and I just can't make myself blog in the middle of the day for some reason!

I finished reading the book Flea sent me, Her Mother's Hope by Francine Rivers. It is a very good book and I am looking forward to the next book which is due out this Fall. The book follows the life of a mother from her beginnings in Switzerland to her own motherhood in California as well as HER daughter's life. There is a lot of strife between the mother and daughter which is based in the mother's background. Despite the stress caused by the rocky relationship, this book is full of hope and love and determination. This was a book that I had problems putting down. Despite the fact that it is rather thick, I read the entire thing in less than two days and then wished it hadn't ended so soon!

While I was swimming this morning, I looked up (between laps) and realized that there is a Balloon Flower plant among the landscape. It was blooming and it inspired me to take some pictures of my own Balloon Flower plant!

The plant is growing to take up all the space between the two shrubs (and of course, they are growing too!) and is much taller than it was last year.

I love the rich purple of the blooms - as well as the fact that they start out as purple "Balloons" before popping open into lovely flowers.

Here is a fuzzy picture of a "balloon" about ready to "pop!"

For some reason, the blooms seem to be clustered in groups of three (this is a different cluster than the first picture). They add such a nice "pop" of color to the front bed.

Here is some video of Skor and his "buddy," the squirrel.


Voice Update: I am doing pretty good. I am not doing my massage as much as I should but . . . hey - I am getting there! I finally finished 1 Chronicles and into 2Chronicles. All of those Biblical names are really getting to me!


Elizabeth said...

Isn't it a beautiful blue/purple!
Wish I had a garden

Happy weekend from me and Buster!

Chris H said...

I have never seen those flowers here... They are beautiful.
Cute Skor and squirrel!