Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Knock-Out Roses and Hidden Kitties

Hi All!

Today has started out much cooler (okay - 3 degrees cooler) than yesterday. True, the humidity was still at 81% but that will get lower during the day (as the temperature gets higher, of course!). My swim got off to an earlier start than I have been getting because I just need more time in that lovely pool! I headed out the door around 7:00 A.M. this morning and had a nice, leisurely time in the pool (after I finished my 23 laps) floating and relaxing before heading home.

I decided to show some of the Knock-Out roses so that those of you who aren't familiar with them can see . . .

They really are more beautiful when they have their first bloom since there are no "dead" flowers on the bushes. The flowers are still nice throughout the summer though!

Here is a close up of one particularly nice bud on a plant next to the pool.

It is nice to have such colorful plants around the pool. I only wish they were planted in places where I could use them as markers to keep me from hitting my head on the side when I am doing the back-stroke!

Yesterday I had fun at the grocery store tinged with a little frustration. Our local Kroger's is smallish and this leads to limited supplies of things. For example, in the cream cheese section, they started carrying individual packets of cream cheese (nice for lunch boxes, etc.) but to do that they had to quit carrying my favorite kind of cream cheese - veggie. Also, they have about a zillion bottles of ranch dressing in all brands but only two different blue cheese choices, one of which is NASTY!

I am thinking I might try a grocery trip to the Super Target down the way - just to take a break from Kroger's. We will see how I feel the next time I head out to shop for food!

Hubby and I had a fun time playing Wii last night. I am trying to get Hubby to be a bit more active so I am conning him into playing Wii and walking with me (it was WAY too hot and humid to walk last night!). Last night we played Mario and Sonic Olympics (or something like that). Hubby beat me at table tennis and then I beat him in the javelin toss.

Next up was bowling - which I am horrible at both in real-life and on the Wii! We finished up with a boxing bout. Hubby won by KO. Yes, I went down and went down hard! Luckily, it was only a game.

I am still amazed at just how sweaty you can get playing a video game!

It was a really, really nice evening.

I have speech today (I checked on Monday just to make sure!) and after that I am planning on heading to the college to get some time in at the ASL lab. Hopefully, it won't be busy so that I can get some time in with an assistant - if not, I guess I will get some receptive practice in by watching a video or two.

Tomorrow I will fill you in on what all I actually get done today! In the meantime, I think I will share this with you. Yesterday, when I got done with putting the groceries away I couldn't find the kitties. Odd.

I walked back and forth past this a couple times . . . I didn't notice anything at first but then I took a closer look.

Miss Cleo was napping in the house and didn't show up at first in the dark (I woke her up with my flash).

Then I heard a slight rustle and looked down to find where Skor was hiding.
Have a fabulous Wednesday!
Voice Update: Doing well (in my opinion) but, I will be able to tell you what Susan thinks tomorrow!

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