Monday, May 3, 2010

Waiting . . . .

Hi All!

Every morning I head out to hit the sidewalks for my walk and the kitties . . . well, they wait.

When I get back from the walk, I water flowerbeds. The kitties peer at me from various windows as I travel around the house watering.

Then I head back inside to "talk" to Mom on IM. The kitties . . . . they wait. Over the past weeks they have decided upon the absolutely best places to wait. I thought I would show you.

This is the view when I head out to the entry way. They are both waiting . . . and snoozing!

Miss Cleo likes to curl up against a wall so Skor can't sneak up on her.

Skor prefers to go "undercover." It took me a couple days to actually figure out just where he was because I don't normally look under plants for my cats!

On this day he was actually "sticking out" a bit more than usual for some reason. (Doesn't he look thrilled to be having his picture taken?)

I will say that I love sleepy kitty paws. They are so darn cute!

Okay - my kitty fix is satisfied so I can go on to other topics!
This week marks the last regular class session for my interpreting class. YEAH!
Of course, there is still the final to contend with so . . . I will be studying for that before Hubby and I head off to Denver for the weekend (NSDA meeting!).
Speaking of the trip - I haven't even started to think about packing and all of that good stuff! I guess I need to do that BEFORE class since we are leaving Thursday morning! The laundry should be done before packing . . . yikes! That is a lot of work I need to get working on!
Well, I had best be off to get to work!
Voice Update: Doing really well. I still struggle with "two and cut" and a few other words but, when I look back on what my voice used to be like . . . I am doing really well. In the Bible (oral reading) I am out of Deuteronomy and into Joshua. I feel like I have really achieved a lot even though I am still WAY in the beginning of the Bible. Hopefully, the listing of names will calm down for a while. That is just funny to hear when I struggle through those!


Mental P Mama said...

Those cats are so darn cute!!!

Diane said...

I love your kitty pictures... especially the feet!