Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm Done, I'm Done, I'm Done!!!! Part 3

Hi All!




I'm done! I'm done! I'm done!

I am done with my interpreting class!

Yesterday I finished up my written test via the computer. There were only six questions but they were all essay questions so the test took a while. Wanting to be very careful after my disastrous midterm experience* I took almost the entire length of time we were given. While I haven't gotten my grade from that as of yet, I am hoping I did well.

* To refresh your memories . . . during midterms I took the midterm test on a computer in the college library. These computers are set up to allow each person only one hour of time on the computers. The computer that I logged into apparently hadn't been logged out of by the previous student and his/her time was still counting down. When I started the test, the computer started giving me time warnings. Not sure what was going on, I thought that the test was timing out instead of the computer and I rushed to answer the questions - which you couldn't go back to again once you answered them. This caused me to be less than thorough on my answers!

Last night, at about 9:00 P.M. I stepped into the classroom to complete my "practical" section of the test by actually interpreting. By about 9:30 I was done with EVERYTHING! Can you tell how thrilled I am???

Even better, the teacher said that I have a B+ or maybe - just maybe - an A! I won't hold my breath for the A but hey - I don't think that either grade is bad for someone who was predicted to fail because she didn't take Intro to Interpreting!


Did I mention that I am done? I'M DONE!

Now I can "settle down" and concentrate on other things. Like my SD support group meeting this Saturday. While I am still having problems deciding about my desire to remain committed to NSDA amidst accusations of not really having SD, I am going to continue with the support group - at least for this week!

I have a lot of information to share with the group and hope to make up some simple information sheets to pass out. My problem with that is that my beloved card program doesn't like to interact with my new computer system and Windows 7. Due to this I am going to have to install the card program on the old computer upstairs and hope I can get stuff printed from up there. We will see how that goes!

Besides support group work I also need to get working on my shrubs (I never finished trimming the front shrubs) and the house. Doesn't that sound like fun?

Maybe you would like to stop by and help out!


Voice Update: I am doing well with my voice even though I didn't have speech yesterday. Thinking it odd that I hadn't gotten a reminder call, I called the office before heading out to confirm my appointment. Imagine my surprise when I learned that not only didn't I have an appointment yesterday but that I didn't have any scheduled for the future! None! Apparently I didn't get on the new schedule with my normal "every two week" appointment. The first appointment I can get now isn't until the first week of June so . . .I am on my own until then! I was hoping to get some refreshers for those "new" exercises but . . . I guess I will keep working on them from what I remember.


Elizabeth said...

Well done!!
This sounds awfully difficult and I would be glad just to pass.
Congratulations indeed. It is so thrilling to master something so challenging.
Buster sends you a big lick!

Chris H said...

WELL DONE GIRL! I am sure you will get a great grade too... even an A... cos you deserve it!