Thursday, May 20, 2010

Migraine . . . . Migraine . . . . Migraine!

Hi All -

This is just to let you know that I didn't fall off the face of the earth - even though I would like to do so at times! I simply have a migraine which just won't let go of my head. It started yesterday and I thought I had it under control. However, it crept back in last night and today has been BAD! I think I have slept pretty much all day and still haven't vanquished the beast.

Hopefully, after another night's sleep, I will feel better. I have things I want to do tomorrow and a Migraine just won't help things At All!


Voice Update: Actually - I have no idea. I haven't really been talking too much yesterday or today. I did talk to my mom yesterday morning and my voice seemed to be good. I also read (I am now into 1 Kings!!). Today - I have managed to mumble a bit to Hubby (who is home with a bad stomach - don't we make a nice pair?) but not too much other than that.

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