Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Water, Water Everywhere . . .

Hi All!

No - my house did NOT flood - thankfully! The water I saw this morning was pouring out of the ground and making part of my normal walking route a river that had to be forded. Let's just say it was tough to keep my feet dry!

Being the good citizen I am, I stopped and took a look in the irrigation control box to see if I could turn the bubbling geyser off. No luck. The box was filled to the brim with water and I wasn't going to reach in to try to turn off water when who knows what kind of wiring could be in there!

So . . . I trotted home and called up the Home Owners' Association's office to report the geyser. I was asked if it was an emergency. Hmmmmm. Well, no one was going to be flooded out or killed so probably not. The only problem would be a VERY high water bill for this month!

Once that was taken care of I hit the computer eager to check out the free download of the week on iTunes. I am in the process of downloading it right now so I have no clue if it is good or not. Sometimes that darn free download is the most exciting thing about my Tuesday!

Currently, I am listening to a LOT of Beatles and Beatles cover band music. My odd goal is to get every song in my iTunes library listened to at least once. With 6300+ songs this is a tough thing to do - especially when the iTunes DJ keeps throwing in songs I have already listened to once or twice or three times! There isn't a way to have it only include songs that have never been played before so . . .I am going through my playlists and doing it myself! 50's, Alaskan Music, and Barbershop are all done - now it is on to the Beatles. Currently I am listening to son 115 out of 500!!!

My vast library of songs did come in handy for amusing some friends on Sunday as we were looking for "Do and Don't" music to possibly add to our group project.

Let's see - oh, I am in the middle of studying for my final in my class. There are books and papers everywhere, much to the consternation of poor Hubby. At least it will be over soon.

No, the final isn't tomorrow but the sooner I start, the more I remember, right? Tomorrow is the LAST official class for this semester and it couldn't have come soon enough to suit me!

To be honest, I did learn a lot this semester but, I feel I could have learned a lot more with a different environment. Oh well, that is the way the ball bounces sometimes!

That is about it from my neck of the woods. What is up with you?


Voice Update: Still reading my way through Joshua. I hit a nice long patch of city names and king names last night. I struggled through them with Hubby laughing in the background and repeating names he particularly liked (Libnah, anyone?). See the kind of support I get?? Anyway, I guess I should be thankful that Hubby is coming with me to the NSDA symposium this weekend. My voice is doing really well even though it was a bit "faint" while I was reporting the water situation this morning. Hopefully, it was just a bit "rusty" and wasn't reflective of a set-back!


Mental P Mama said...

Everywhere I turn, there are floods! Glad you got it fixed;)

Chris H said...

I hope no one did get a huge water bill!
We have to pay for our water here too... it adds up!

Dianne said...

I could listen to the Beatles for hours and hours and hours!! :)