Friday, May 14, 2010

A Suite, If You Please!

Hi All!

Yesterday was heavenly. I spent a lazy day napping, reading, watching the birds with Skor, and petting the kitties. Of course, I should have been working on stuff for my SD support group meeting tomorrow but . . . I didn't so I will have to get that done today!

Before I forget and get to bogging about other things I want to show you the suite that Hubby and I had while in Colorado. Now, technically, it was one room with two sections but . . it still felt pretty fancy to me. Normally we just have a regular room and are lucky if there is a chair to sit on!

Here is the sitting area from one angle. The chair was comfortable and the light behind it perfect for reading. Not that I had too much time for reading!

In the little counter area there is a small refrigerator and a microwave along with a coffee pot.
There was Wolfgang Puck coffee. I contemplated taking some for my dad but didn't.

To the left, in this picture, is the bathroom. I was going to take a picture of that too - it had a neat vessel sink (which ended up being a bit of a pain to use) and a nice furniture style vanity. However, Hubby was "using the facilities" so - no picture!

Here is the other side of the sitting area. The couch and pillows were nice. The flat screen TV even nicer. I only wish it swiveled so it was more easily viewed from the comfy chair!

Here is the divider between the sitting room and the bedroom. The desk - which was on casters for some odd reason - was a nicely set up thing with ports to plug accessories into the television on the wall and wireless Internet access (technically they had wired access also).

The vases on the divider were glued down and weren't glass or breakable. Smart!

Here is the divider from the bedroom side. To the left of the divider is the closet door.

This is the view from the bed. ANOTHER television! Hubby was in heaven!

Here is the bed - slightly less perfect than when made up by the housekeepers! There are six fluffy bed pillows and the red, round pillow. I determined that the red pillow was perfect for "bopping" Hubby on the head!
The bedspread had neat dragonflies on it which matched the shower curtain in the bathroom.
There you have it - our "suite" while we were in Colorado! Wasn't that thrilling? I will admit that it was a very relaxing room and I wish that we had spent more time in Colorado so I could have enjoyed it more. Oh well! Maybe next time!
Voice Update: Doing well - I think. I haven't really talked too much this morning since I am a bit cranky for some reason. Okay - now I can say that my voice is good. Skor came in on a chewing mission (He is trying to chew the keyboard tray, the door to the CPU section of the desk, the glue stick, and my ipod. Luckily, I have him
working on an old iTunes gift card to distract him. Odd cat!) and I got to test out my voice on him. It is working well today. I have noticed a bit of trouble on my Hs and my Ps lately but I am thinking that I am just listening harder for SD characteristics to prove to myself (again) that I really do have SD. Wow - this thing really does a number on the confidence!


Mental P Mama said...

That was nice! And why do men spend so much time "using the facilities"?

Chris H said...

What a lovely room!