Saturday, May 22, 2010

I Demand My Say!


My name is Miss Cleo and I have commandeered this blog. I took a look at what Momma was posting and I noticed that she was showing you a lot of pictures of the big, white, fluff-ball, Skor. Where are the pictures of me? True, there is a picture here and there but nothing compared to Mr. Fuzzy-head. Well, I demand my say! I am just as cute at Skor - probably even cuter!

Okay - so opening my eyes in photos isn't my strong suit. You do have to admit that my little white nose is pretty darn cute, though!

And just look at this! How adorable can you get?
Here I am cleaning up my front paw so I look perfect for my next picture. Skor doesn't do that. He just thinks he is "all that" au-naturel!

Just look at this talent - I posed and posed for the camera. Each time Momma called my name I rolled onto my back to show off my cute little tummy.
What? You think I am a bit chubby? Hey - I don't mention YOUR weight, do I??

A good stretch is called for after so many glamor shots. However, I am still making sure to pose for the camera.
Look and learn, Skor-boy!

Yeah, right - I am soooooo impressed. NOT!

Hey, what can I say? When you've got it, you've got it. And I certainly have it!
Now I need to go and make sure that I am getting my fair share of pets around this joint.

Miss Cleo out!


Dianne said...

Miss Cleo you are beautiful!!
I love your nose
and your fuzzy furry chubby poses
my Siren and Isadora would love to play with you :)

Mental P Mama said... my next life, I want to come back as a cat....