Friday, May 28, 2010

Catching Up!

Hi All!

Now that my early doctors' appointments are done, I can catch up on what else has been happening this week.

Let's see. . . First of all, Skor has a new "actor" in his "Kitty Entertainment Center" cast. Mr. Squirrel.

Most of the time the squirrel is on the ground but he does like to get up on the windowsill to see if there are any stray seeds up there. That makes Skor really angry.

On Wednesday, I went to lunch with my friends from ASL/Interpreting (after my doctor's appointment). There were ten of us and we had a good time. There are the people who left at the very end. A few people had to leave a little earlier.

There is a fun video at the end of the blog showing just how much fun grown women can have without any alcohol or other mind-altering substances!

My new "big" Peace Lilly plant is going gangbusters. The blooms are lovely - and TALL! If you look, you can see three blooms. However, there is one more but . . . it is different.

This "bloom" looks more like it couldn't make up its mind. Leaf or bloom? Leaf or bloom?
You do see the white "Bloom" towards the bottom of the lightest leaf, right?

In other news . . . I got back into my walking/swimming routine this morning. I am still really enjoying the swimming even though it wasn't overcast today so I was more in the sun than I would have liked. I didn't see any wild life - probably because the pool man was there cleaning everything!

Hubby and I have started searching for a new car/SUV/whatever for me. Personally, I don't really enjoy car shopping but . . . you do what you have to do, right? We checked out Toyota's last night as well as Nissan (the dealerships are right next to each other!). Sadly, there really isn't anything out there right now (in any make or model) which excites me. I guess that means we just get to keep looking . . . . RATS!

If/when we finally decide on a new car, I will make sure to show you pictures!

That is about it. Not too exciting of a week, was it? Anyway - here is the zany video taken at my lunch on Wednesday. Enjoy!


Voice Update: Doing well. I didn't read last night - primarily because we were out at the dealerships pretty much all evening and when we got home we were tired from being out in the heat ( over 90 degrees!). My voice is doing fine at the moment. There are still some problems (unvoiced consonants) but, I am back into the groove of working on them!


Chris H said...

What a funny video! YOu girls are nuts...
That plant is amazing.. and so healthy! said...

My dearest Trisha,
You must post such pictures on facebook, so that those of us who are of the facebooking persuasion may access such awesomeness in a handy and expeditious manner.
Your super-secret admirer.