Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Wrong Key!

Hi All!

Today was the day! I was going to start swimming in the mornings in the middle of my normal walk. The community's "Adult Only" pool is about halfway through my walk and I finally bought a new swimsuit so . . . why not?

This morning I woke up, made Hubby's lunch for the day, ate breakfast and read the comics and then I "suited up." I put on sunscreen, dug out a beach towel. Got a bag together to lug the towel, the sunscreen, sunglasses, and the key to the pool. Then I pulled on my walking shorts and a t-shirt (it was a bit chilly today and I thought the tank top I have been wearing might be a bit too chilly). I grabbed my iPod and got my shoes on. I was ready.

Listening to my devotional podcast, I headed down the sidewalk. All the time I was full of anticipation. I could hardly wait to dive (okay - jump since diving isn't allowed) into the cool (or warm) water and feel that wonderful buoyancy. To feel the water close over me so silkily fluid and cool (or warm). As each step took me closer to the pool, my anticipation grew.

I acted cool but inside my heart was racing with excitement. I was going swimming!

Confusing the dog who likes to bark at me from his back yard, I diverged from my normal route to cross the street to the pool. Now, this pool, and the "Family" pool are kept locked for safety reasons and also to keep non-neighborhood people out. I rummaged in my bag and pulled out both of the keys I had brought (since I have NEVER used them I wasn't sure which I would need).

First, I tried one. No luck!

Then, the second. Nothing.


Are you kidding?

I didn't have the right key! Poodles!

After heaving a huge sigh and looking longingly at the sparking water in the pool just beyond the gate, I headed back home, finishing my normal walking route. Let me tell you - you can get REALLY sweaty when you are walking with a swimming suit under your clothes! Instead of walking with gradually drying hair I was gradually getting wet hair from the sweat sliding down my neck.

At home, I watered the flowers and then came into the house to go through the key closet to find the correct key. Nothing. I have no clue where this key could be!

I am a bit disheartened.

But . . . I will keep looking and I WILL swim. Hopefully, it will be soon!


Voice Update: I didn't read out loud yesterday because I talked to Mom on the phone instead. Due to an early morning appointment, I didn't IM with her (or blog) yesterday so we caught up on the phone. My voice is doing really well. True, I still struggle with certain words (much to Hubby's delight!) but, they are slowly (!!) coming along!


Mental P Mama said...

Poodles! And, GAH.

Chris H said...

Oh what a shame ... perhaps they changed the keys without giving you a new one?
I hope you can go swimming soon.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Oh no! Maybe they can make another one for you?

Good for you for exercising - walking and (hopefully) swimming.

I envy your ability to walk around in shorts, though. It's been chilly and rainy here, to the point that I've been wearing sweaters and jackets. Bring on summer!