Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Swim and a Show

Hi All!

This morning I got up (thanks to a very, very annoying kitty who shall remain nameless!), tugged on my suit and headed out into the already warm morning. Even though I was listening to my devotional podcasts, I could still hear the birds chirping as they flitted through the clear, blue sky. The sun was peeping over the rooftops trying to catch my eye while I watched squirrels scurrying across the road. Swallows dipped and swooped in their hunt for insects on the wing while the Grackles accompanied the process with their repertoire of clicks, chatters, and cackles.

Further down the road, the golf course was waking up with flags being put into the cups as the greens were being mowed. Ducks floated silently on the mirror surface of the pond until the mower came just a bit too close. Hidden in the trees bordering the fairway, more birds added their songs to the cacophony which was the morning.

Passing a house on the corner, a dog sequestered behind the wooden fence barked a greeting to me. Or maybe it was a warning. This message was transferred from house to house and dog to dog as I made my way down the street. In the empty lot a pair of rabbits became statues at my approach even as above them Swallows created intricate patterns in the sky.

Perched on the edge of a gutter, a hawk twisted its head around to watch my entire progress down the street. It ignored the pesky Mockingbirds who were launching an attack on its back. Finally having enough of both the attackers and of me, the hawk launched into magnificent flight to alight gracefully in the tree across the street. From the sounds, I could tell the Mockingbirds were continuing their assault.

Closer to the pool, small flocks of birds flew from tree to tree as if playing "follow-the-leader." The waterfall of the pool made delicate melodies as I entered the pool enclosure to begin my daily routine.

Suddenly, there was a loud roar. Then another.

Speedboats on the lake flew past towing skiers who gracefully darted from side to side jumping the wide and rough wakes left by the boats. As if irritated by the sound, fish jumped from the water nearer to the shore and then disappeared back into the blue depths. Michael Jackson's voice floated on the air from a pontoon boat waiting for the speedboats to pass so that it could traverse the lake.

Shedding my walking clothes, I stand calf deep in the cool water taking one last look at the lake and listening to the birds before taking a deep breath and jumping in.

Later this afternoon I will find myself transported to the magical, musical world of Avenue Q.

What could make for a better day?


Voice Update: All smiles!

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