Friday, May 21, 2010

Back on the Sidewalk

Hi All

Well, after two rather painful days of dealing with a horrible, horrible migraine, I seem to be back on the right road. True, I still have a bit of a headache lurking at the back of my head (an unusual place for my headaches to hide out) but, I managed to get up this morning. Not only did I get up but I actually did all my morning things.

Hubby left the house with a lovingly prepared lunch and then I hit the sidewalk for my morning walk. Luckily, it wasn't too warm yet when I left the house. It was a nice 68 degrees with overcast skies and a nice breeze. Of course, when I walked past the adult swimming pool I felt a strong longing to jump over the fence and to plunge into the cool water. Not that jumping over the fence is anything I could accomplish in this lifetime or the next - it is about eight feet tall!

Anyway - I passed up the pool and continued my walk enjoying the refreshing spray of sprinklers along the way. (You know it is summer when I actually walk through the sprinklers instead of around them!) Once I was home I tended to my flowers.

Hubby was kind enough to water my backyard plants last night after I tried but the combination of heat and headache didn't allow that to happen. I am so happy that all of my plants are doing well. I even managed to do a little weeding (darn that Bermuda grass with its runners!) while I was out there!

So - today is off to a good start. I will probably take a few Tylenol to keep my headache at bay before I go out to do anything today.

Let's see. What did I want to tell you? Oh, right! The pool key. I emailed the property manager about my apparent lack of the correct pool keys and got an email back that they will send me the appropriate keys ASAP. My question - why didn't they just mail them to me back when they changed the keys in the first place? Oh well. I will hopefully be swimming next week.

In addition to the key situation being worked out, I was thrilled to find a package from The Good Flea in my mailbox yesterday (okay, Hubby actually found it because I wasn't in any shape to walk down to the mailbox)! I won a book on her blog a while back and it arrived yesterday! I can hardly wait to start reading! Thanks, Flea!

That is all the excitement in my life today. I hope you are all doing wonderfully on this fine Friday!


Voice Update: Doing okay but I haven't done any reading for a day (I managed despite the headache on Wednesday) or so. I will have to get back on the wagon regarding that. Needless to say, I also didn't do my exercises yesterday. Not good. Not good!

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