Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Pool

Hi All!

Today is the second day that I actually swam as part of my morning walk! Yeah! It is so great that I thought I would show you what the pool looks like.

I learned yesterday that the real name of this kind of pool is "Infinity Edge" because the edge is designed to look like it goes on forever. In this shot the edge really isn't done justice. From inside the pool, it looks like the pool just joins the lake beyond those trees.

There is a little shade structure. That is my bright green bag on the table.

On the other side of the pool is the bathroom house and the pathway to the "spa!"

This is the "spa." I haven't used it but I like looking over the edge of the pool to see what is happening down there. Of course, since I am the only person swimming at this hour of the day - nothing is ever happening down there!
I don't have a good picture but, there are a lot of "Knock-out Roses" planted around the pool and this morning while I was relaxing before heading home, I saw my very first Texas Hummingbird visiting the roses! It was neat!
Mom and I are having a discussion (via IM) about if I should start putting hummingbird feeders out to see if the little birds would visit my house. I don't know . . .
Now an interesting question. After swimming (and walking home and watering the flowers) I rinse my swimming suit to get the chlorine out. However, our water is heavily chlorinated so . . . is the rinsing doing any good?
Just wondering!
Voice Update: A bit rocky but I am back on track with my reading (the exercises still need a bit of a "goose" to get them back on track). I am into 2 Kings now and cruising!


Mental P Mama said...

That is beautiful! And I hope there is less chlorine in your tap water! Beautiful!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

That pool is GORGEOUS! I'd like to reserve one week at your lovely resort.

Good for you for swimming!

Regarding the chlorine, I would think there's more chlorine in the pool water than the drinking water, so my guess is you are doing some good by rinsing it out. It can't hurt.

Still can't get over how gorgeous your pool is. If I lived there I'd be there all the time.

Diane said...

The pool is beautiful! I have no idea what a knock out rose is... but I coming back to how beautful the pool is!

Yes... rinse your suit!

Chris H said...

Pools like that are called 'Infinity Pools' as it looks like they go on and on forever. Gorgeous pool mate.