Monday, May 10, 2010

Mountains and More

Hi All!

Happy Monday! I am back in Texas and it feels good to be home! The altitude headache I had for most of the weekend is gone (to be replaced with allergy headaches, I am sure!) and a night in my own bed does wonders for the soul!

Let's start with the topic of my last post. The main point I was making was that I was feeling very discouraged by the questioning of if I had SD or not, especially by people higher up in the leadership ranks. Their questioning made me, in turn, question if they were as supportive to me as they might be due to their questions. After all, why would they want me in their leadership ranks if I was a "faker?"

After stepping back for a while, sleeping in my own bed, and taking my morning walk, I am much less emotional about the topic. I am still not "over it," I am thinking a bit more clearly.

Maybe I DO need to move on to other things in my life other than focusing on SD. Maybe someone else with a more "typical" SD voice SHOULD take over the support group. Maybe, maybe, maybe.

Obviously, I have some more serious thinking to do. I am going to focus on my final (Wednesday) and my next support group meeting (Saturday) and then I will think more on this topic.

In the meantime . . . here are some rather poor shots of the Colorado mountains. We were a bit too far away for good pictures but, my trusty purse camera did its best!

This evening, I was blown away by the sunset. Look at those rays shooting out from behind the mountains! I missed the "perfect" shot because Hubby thought I was taking a picture of him but, this will do - don't you think?

Before the sunset, I was just amazed by the mountains themselves since we don't have this kind of view in Texas!

It seemed like the clouds always "lowered" in the evenings but, that could just be the Spring. The clouds were pretty interesting in themselves, I thought.
I have more pictures to "bore" you with but that is it for today! I am still trying to get adjusted to being back in Texas! Plus, I need to study, study, study for my final!

Have a fabulous Monday!


Voice Update: My voice is doing pretty well. I am having a few "issues" with the word "Hi" but, that isn't too bad when you consider all the words I can say! I will get back on the oral reading today!


Coffee Bean said...

Good Morning Trisha! LOVE the picture you took with the sun rays! Awesome!

Study! Study! Study! You are going to do great! I love how you tackle things in your life.

I'm praying for you as you work out your feelings from this weekend and figure out how you want to proceed. I don't think some questioning whether you have true SD or not precludes you from being a support leader. You were diagnosed with SD and you know how not being able to speak clearly affects a person's life. Your heart... your willingness to reach out to others experiencing that is what is really important here. You know?

(((BIG HUGS)))

Chris H said...

I'm sorry some people are being mean about you having/not having SD. They are shits.
That is the most amazing photo of the sunset!!!!

Mental P Mama said...

That sunset shot is the bomb!!! And I love how you process things. I think you are an inspiration!!