Saturday, February 26, 2011

Something's Fishy In This Post

Hi All!

Yesterday was a wonderful day of observations for me - six and a half hours! That is a good chunk on my way to 200! Actually, I am almost halfway there - 98 hours so far! Not too bad, huh?

Today I am excited because I have an excursion to the local school's annual book sale planned. This is the place that I get a huge pile of books for the amount of money that I would donate anyway! Score! I will have to show you all the books I end up with after the sale. I can hardly wait to get there and start browsing. The sale takes place in an old Old Navy store - it is huge and there are just rows and rows of tables full of books of all kinds! Maybe I will take pictures of that too!

Last night I made another foray into the world of Amazon's free mp3 downloads. If you like music and like free things (and have an mp3 device or like to listen to music on the computer) you should really check it out! I found several nice classical albums along with some soul songs and a jazz album. It is always interesting to see what you will find.

I enjoy looking at the free songs offered and then selecting one and checking out the ratings (there are some really good raters that make regular comments) for the song. I listen to the preview and, if I like it, I download it. Then I start delving a bit deeper into the world of free downloads. At the bottom of each song's page there is a list of songs that "people who have purchased this song" have purchased. I browse those and check out ratings and then check out more past purchases. Many times I end up finding songs/albums that don't show up on the main page and are "buried" in the other free songs. It is like a big treasure hunt and I really like it!

Continuing in my "theme" of past pictures I found these.

This is Hubby in front of a huge fish tank at the Texas aquarium (I think). We took a trip out to the aquarium to see a very special fish that someone had caught in a local lake.

It was this catfish. While the fish looks like it might be normal sized in this picture, it actually was gigantic! In fact, it was probably as long as I am tall (which is 5 foot 5!). I can't remember how much the fish weighed but I know it was a couple hundred pounds!


Some guy actually caught this beast while fishing! He donated it to the state aquarium so that it could be studied and then released. While it was being observed and analyzed, it was in this huge tank where the general public could come and see it.


It does make me think twice about wanting to swim in the local lakes if there are fish like this swimming around!




Voice Update: Rockin' and rollin'!

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