Saturday, February 5, 2011

Blogging Obstacle

Hi All!

Yes, it is still snowy here but the sun is out trying to melt some of the stuff off the roads as I type. Miss Cleo is certainly happy to see the sun and is rolling around in her patch of sunshine. It is going to be a good morning I get to finally have a haircut around 11:00 today. As you can see from the pictures today - my hair is certainly growing!

Speaking of pictures. I asked Hubby to snap some shots to show you what I deal with when I try to blog - or do anything else on the computer.
Notice how precisely Skor has positioned himself so I must crane my neck to the right to see the monitor.
At least he is sitting down in this picture. He likes to stretch and stick his very fluffy tail straight up in the air to complete the blocking maneuver.

Here is Skor just finishing a "Halloween Kitty" stretch that completely blocked the screen. Notice how I have leaned back to try to actually see some part of the screen.

(Tilt your head to the right to see this picture correctly.)
How can such a cute little thing be so darn annoying????


In other news - On Thursday Hubby and I braved the icy roads to travel to see Doc Feely. We thought that this would be the visit where the Doc took off Hubby's one remaining big toenail. Unfortunately, this wasn't the case. Apparently there has to be a three month wait between "procedures" for the insurance to cover them. So - it won't be until April that the other nail goes.


In the meantime Hubby will have to soak the foot and wedge cotton under the nail to try to discourage the nail from growing into his nail bed. Doesn't that sound like fun??


In class news I have two research papers to write and am having a TON of trouble trying to figure out what my topics should be! I have been racking my brain and still have no clue! UGHH!!! The topics are due on Tuesday so I guess I need to kick myself into gear!


Did I remember to tell you that I didn't have any classes this week thanks to the ice and snow? Part of me was happy to have a break but part of me was sad that I missed two days of classes!


While I type I am listening to my iTunes - as usual. I am still so impressed with how good the music is when you put everything on shuffle. There is something that just makes you listen even more closely when a country song is followed by a gospel song which is followed by a classical piece. It makes me appreciate all the genres of music that much more!

Speaking of music - I am browsing the free mp3 downloads from There is one person who comments on the free offerings and rates each one. His/her comments are specific to each song and very thoughtful and thorough. I really appreciate that someone so into music takes the time to review these things. After all - hearing the previews doesn't always tell the real story of the songs. I also appreciate that puts these songs out there for free. I learn about new groups I wouldn't normally hear and did I mention that is it FREE? What could be better?


On that note I think that I will get out of here - time to get ready for my haircut!


Hope you have a great weekend!




Voice Update: Doing well. Doing well.

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Chris H said...

Tis a good reason not to have a cat! lol
I have my dogs, who sit at my feet... sooo cute.