Monday, February 21, 2011

Memories From the Picture File

Hi All!

Since Hubby has been dealing with his man-cold and I have been working hard to stave off a cold of my own, nothing too exciting has been going on around here. However, I did find some interesting memories to share.

Over Christmas 2003 Hubby and I took a cruise through the Panama Canal. I loved, loved, loved it. I was just fascinated by the entire process and the canal itself. I even fought through crowds at the back of the ship to take pictures like this one of the locks closing behind us.

Just look at all the mechanical stuff involved in a canal transit!
This is a natural bridge in Aruba - sadly, this bridge has collapsed since I took this picture. Look at how blue those skies were!
Here is a pelican that wasn't afraid of all the people traipsing up and down the dock. He/she just sat there. Maybe he/she was waiting for us to throw some food his/her way?
Aren't these pictures lovely? I have been seeing a lot of different pictures thanks to a gadget provided by Windows 7. It is a little screen that is at the bottom right of my computer screen and which shows all kinds of wonderful pictures from my files - including pictures I have forgotten I have. True, there are some picture which continually show up - like a picture I made of how to fill the cat fountain for my cat sitters - but overall - I like the gadget a lot! It reminds me of my iPod when I put it in shuffle mode so that the songs are all mixed up!
Life in random order. Interesting!
Voice Update: Still doing really well. I have been working on the massage and getting a lot of voice exercise in each day.

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