Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Fond Farewell . . .

Hi All!

It has been so long since I last posted that I almost forgot my blogger password! Imagine that!

Yes, I have been one busy woman for the past week - heading out to assignments early in the morning (usually before Hubby had to head out and sometimes before he even got up!) and trying to get as much experience as possible. I am now up to 118 hours (out of 200) so I am slowly getting there!

Because I have been so busy with assignments and class, I haven't really had much time to do much else. However, I did manage to stop at Wally World yesterday on my way home. I know, exciting!

Well, during this week things have been happening. The trees in the neighborhood have burst forth in their beautiful spring finery and the clusters of white and pink flowers never fail to make me smile - even after a long, long day! There are spring flowers popping up all over - daffodils are the main attraction. The cheery yellow flowers are accenting the awakening grass and promising a lovely Spring.

The weather has been lovely as well. It has been in the lower 70s most days with a nice, clean breeze. This is the kind of weather I wish could stay all year but I do know that soon the temps will climb and it will be "Hello Texas Summer!" all over again! I am so not looking forward to that!

This weekend I promise to spend some time catching up on all of your blogs - I really am interested but haven't had time! I hope everyone is doing well.

Next week will probably be busy as well but Hubby and I will have to take a moment to say goodbye to a friend.
This tree - which looks so healthy in this photo - is being cut down. It has ceased to be healthy and, in fact, has ceased to really be alive. So - it is going. It will be so strange to not have it in the front yard anymore.


So long, old friend! It has been nice knowing you!




P.S. I hope this post makes some sort of sense - I am not feeling too clear brained today so I am not sure if anything I say (or type) makes much sense!


Voice Update: Still doing really well. My neck and shoulder muscles continue to give me problems by being tight but . . . I just keep working on them.


Mental P Mama said...

Ouch. It always pains me to see a tree go....

Chris H said...

Well it's good to be so busy.
What a shame about having to chop down your tree... so.. what is wrong with it then?

Sarah said...

Aw, poor tree. :(

You are rockin' those hours! I am up to 66, which is nothing in comparison to you! I am going to be booked pretty solid after spring break, though, so it's all good, I guess. lol At least you'll be able to breathe easy at the last minute when we're all hurrying to get our hours!