Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So - It Is Tuesday . . .

Hi All!

Happy Tuesday! We have made it through one day of this week. Should we be proud?

Today was my second day of walking - in a row - this week. When I am snuggled up in my warm bed it is so easy to forget that walking really does feel good when you are doing it. If only I could remember that feeling so that I just jumped out of bed ready and eager to walk each morning! The temperature today when I started walking was a lovely 57 degrees. There was a hint of rain and Spring freshness (!!!) in the air as I headed down the sidewalk. It was wonderful!

After such a great start to today it must surely be a wonderful day, right? Here is hoping that is true.

My trip to the speech therapist's office yesterday went really well. Susan was happy with my voice and my throat for the most part. She was a bit concerned about the tension in my shoulders and neck muscles (can you say research paper topic?) though. Tension in the shoulders and neck muscles can easily transfer to the larynx muscles if you aren't careful and tension in those muscles made talking even more of a chore! Due to the tension I have some new "exercises." I am supposed to use my masssager on my shoulder and neck muscles at least twice a day and can even con Hubby into giving me some massages in between times! Doesn't that sound "awful?"

So - it was a nice day yesterday. It was even topped off by Hubby making dinner (a great pizza) and providing a heart-shaped ice cream cake for dessert (from Baskin Robbins). I LOVE ice cream cake! It was a perfect dessert for Valentine's Day!

Hopefully today will be just as wonderful!


Voice Update: I pretty much said it all in the post. It is good, people!


Mental P Mama said...

Will you wake me on Friday?

Chris H said...

Well I hope you have managed to get hubby to do the massages!