Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mish-mash and a Meme

Hi All!

Here is a very fuzzy picture of my thermometer this morning!

Can you believe that?
In TEXAS????????????????


And poor Hubby has to go into work. I am praying that he gets there safely - there is ice on the roads!

Because it has probably been a day or two since I have shown you some kitty pictures . . . .
Here is Miss Cleo in her new favorite spot - her "cube." She love sitting just like this - with her head poking out so she can see what is going on.

Skor is still enjoying his play time. In fact, he DEMANDS it! I guess it is okay since he looks so darn cute while he is playing!

Just look at the positions he gets himself into!

This face-off took place yesterday. The dove was cold and was trying to avoid the wind by sitting on our windowsill. Skor didn't think that that was a good idea!

Here are the new shoes I bought last week. I like having something to just slip into for those everyday kinds of errands, etc. There are perfect!


Yesterday, Hubby and I stayed in all day and kept warm. The sun valiantly came out and tried to melt the snow/ice but it didn't make much of a dent since the temps never got above 21!


Like I said, Hubby has to go to work this morning. His office opening was delayed until 10:00 so he got to sleep in just a bit. It was only a bit because the power went out around 6:45 (and the Carbon Monoxide detector makes a VERY loud beep when the electricity goes off or comes on). After knowing the electricity was off, it was hard to sleep since the alarms were all off (powered as they are by electricity!).


At about 7:15 (just an estimate because we were clock less!) I got up to watch the kitties eat and at the exact moment I stepped out of the bedroom, the electricity went back on accompanied by the CO2 detector's loud beep. Let me tell you - it stopped me in my tracks and scared the kitties!


At least Hubby could sleep for a bit longer now that the alarms were back on!


I had to reset the time on our automatic thermostat because when the power goes out it resets the time to weird times (this time it was 1:08P.M. even when the real time was 7:15!) and then the temperature settings we have are all wonky. The last time the electricity went out we couldn't figure out why it got so cold during the day - it was because the thermostat time was off by twelve hours and it thought it was night - when we have it set to be a bit cooler! Technology!

Yesterday, my friend Flea invited me to participate in a Meme about reading. You take a picture of the book(s) you are currently reading and tell a bit about it(them). This Meme sounds right up my alley so I decided to do it even though I don't normally participate in Memes!
Here we go!

This is my current reading list. From left to right:

Lone Star Ice & Fire by L.E. Brady. I am only into this book a little bit but so far, it seems like a winner! This is the story of two brothers, Sonny and Walker, who come from an abusive home. Their escape was their music.
Both brothers play blues guitar and both are very talented. They descend upon the Austin, Texas blues scene and quickly make it their own.
Mixed in with the music there are many tales of mistakes and triumphs that litter their way to fame.
Next up is a classic - Reader's Digest. This magazine is always fun to read with its humor and stories of people doing good in the world when most of the news is about people doing bad.
Third is Winter's Awakening by Shelley Shepard Gray. This is a book about the Amish way of life. The main characters are Amish and the book shows how they deal with interacting with "English" or non-Amish neighbors.
I enjoy reading books about the Amish since I saw many Amish people when I lived in Ohio. The farm that my parents own is rather close to some very popular Amish towns for the tourists. It isn't unusual to see Amish buggies along the roads in that area of Ohio.
Those, my friends, are what I am reading.
Well, besides THESE!

Books for class research papers!
Voice Update: I didn't do much talking yesterday but I did my massage and my exercises! I also did some reading out loud just to get into the swing of things!
P.S. Hubby update! Hubby isn't going to work this morning since he couldn't even get out of the driveway!


Mental P Mama said...

Brrrr. You are cold! It's 32 here!

Flea said...

Thanks for playing! And the shoes look really cool. Are they comfortable?

Chris H said...

Brrrr that's cold... for Texas even!
I love your new shoes, they look so nice and comfy.