Thursday, February 24, 2011

Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head . . .

Hi All!

Another picture dug from my seemingly endless archive of photos to illustrate the weather in my neck of the woods today! This is Q-Tip (yes, he looks a lot like Skor) posing with an umbrella. Isn't he cute (just ignore the glowing eyes!)?

This morning I took my walk in a fine, misty rain. Despite having an umbrella, I arrived home with all my clothes damp. The only part of me that remained dry was my head. I guess that is something, right?
While I was walking I realized that my walking pants (really yoga pants from Wally World!) illustrated pretty graphically that I am not like most people. You see, I am what you might call short waisted. The distance between my waist and my crotch is much less that what the clothing industry believes is "normal." This small distance means that I can usually pull the waist of most pants up to my armpits (or thereabouts!). If I don't choose to do the high-waisted look, I end up with the crotch of the pants hanging down around my knees. Not too comfy!
So - this morning I walked with my waistband sitting a good eight inches above my belly-button. For some reason I just couldn't ignore this fact. It wasn't uncomfortable but it just felt weird. I guess when you are a person like me who is "slightly" out-of-the-box of normality, you have to expect this kind of stuff now and again!
It was nice walking in the rain. It was almost relaxing as it was quiet and tranquil and not too cold (it was 62 when I woke up). A good way to start the day!
Speaking of days, it has been a couple days since I last posted. As usual, this was caused by business and observation assignments. Am I the only one who thinks this phase of my life will never end?
I am happy to report that Hubby is mostly over his man-cold. He still has some horrific coughing spells but is done with the fever, body aches, and stuffy head. Yeah! The bad thing is that he is still not willing to kiss me because he is convinced that he can still pass on this cold to me that way. Nice!
That is life, I guess!
Hope your life is going well!
Voice Update: Doing well. I am faithfully doing the massage and making sure to do exercises. I was thinking last night that it almost seems like I don't have SD at all - but then I thought about the time I spend working on massage and exercises and how my voice insists on giving me problems when I am tired, emotional, or in a noisy place. Apparently, I am just getting so good at the dance steps that I can do them without really thinking about it! Not too bad!


Dianne said...

oh I adore Q-tip
he looks so comfy under his brella

I too am out of the box in body type
one of the nice things about getting older is that I care less what others think and do what's best and comfy for me
it's freeing you know


Chris H said...

I too an short waisted... it is the pitts.
Glad your head stayed dry ... lol.

Mental P Mama said...

I would like a picture of you in those pants!