Monday, February 7, 2011

Passwords Everywhere!

Hi All!

This weekend, for reasons that are too complicated to bother with this morning, I created another email account for myself. Of course, the creation of a new account meant the creation of yet another password!

I realized just a short time ago that there are just too many passwords in this world. Each computer application that is protected needs a password. Each email account. Each online group you join. Even your ATM card!

Long, long ago, people used to only use one password. It was simple. It kept things from being so confusing.

And then - bad people started hacking into the computers of good people and stealing information and using the accounts to do bad things.

The "experts" (just who are these people and how did they become "the experts" who can tell the rest of us what to do?) started to recommend that each application should have a different password. That way, if a bad person hacked one password, he/she didn't have the password to EVERYTHING.

So - being a "good person," I listen to the experts and make sure that each of my password needing accounts has a different password. I try to make each password something that I will remember and something that is more secure (usually something with letters AND numbers).

The problem is that I am starting to forget which application uses which password!

Increase this problem with the fact that dear Hubby also signs up for things and puts in his own passwords. Then, I try to use one of these sites and have to think of what Hubby used as a password!


I would write these things down but . . . what if the "bad people" stole the note that I wrote all my passwords in? Maybe I should write the passwords in some kind of code.

But then, where would I write down the key to the code?


Voice Update: Doing well. My throat is a bit crunchier than I would like for some reason (must be some stress in my life somewhere) but . . . it is all working so far!


Dianne said...

oh my you're so right!!
I forget all the time or I mix them up and use the user name for one place with the password for another and I don't know what I'm doing or where I am

thanks for your good thoughts for Isadora :)

Chris H said...

I have three passwords.
I only have those three and I do not want any more!
It is madness.
For a start, what if ya suddenly get ill or die and no one can get into your accounts to sort them out?
I have told Stew and one of my sons my passwords... but I do hope they never have to use them!
I use words and letters too... it's the best way.