Saturday, February 12, 2011

What a Sink!

Hi All!

Despite my best intentions It has again been a while since I last posted! I just don't know how that happens! Actually, I do know. First, you get a headache and dizziness and then you get busy!

I finally found a research topic : The recognition and proper use of register in community interpreters. Doesn't that sounds interesting? It really is! Now all I have to do is actually research the topic and the other one for Practicum and I am all set. It is so hard to get motivated to research.

At least I have been trying to read the book for class - in fact, I was reading that while dining at a local Mexican restaurant yesterday for lunch. It is a bit awkward to eat alone but . . .hey- everyone needs to eat, right? I had yummy fajitas and managed to get the first chapter of the book read. Score! Then I went to the restroom and saw this sink.

(Ignore me in the reflection and the reflection of my overstuffed purse!) I had never really seen a sink like this and was a bit mystified as to just where the water would come from when I turned on the "joystick" faucet control.

Surprise! This is where the water comes out! Not exactly where I thought it would come from but then again - I didn't really know what to expect.


A pretty upscale sink for a restaurant, don't you think?


After eating a great (and inexpensive) lunch I headed to the grocery store to shop - it has only been about three weeks since I went grocery shopping!


As I have said before, I really enjoy the shopping part of grocery shopping just not the getting everything into the house and put away part! Since it had been a while since I last shopped, I got a lot of meat - which then needed to be cleaned and vacuum packed for the freezer. Luckily, I got to chat with Mom on the phone to keep me distracted.

Once that was done I managed to relax for a while. It was heavenly! I even read a book for enjoyment (I did feel a bit guilty since I have so much research to do. I felt like I should be reading a research book . . .).

I think I should just take me cue from my darling kitties and do this all the time . . .




Voice Update: Doing well. Still a bit of a crunch throat going on but working on it with massage. I don't think it helps that my shoulders are holding a lot of tension (from picking a research topic and then not feeling well).

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