Friday, March 5, 2010

This Time Last Year

Hi All!

While my cold is still a constant companion at this point in time, I am working through because I really don't have any other choice!

Good news - I probably only have another week of training and then I will be jobless again! I know it is bad to say during this time when people are looking for jobs but . . . I can't wait to be jobless!

This is what my life looked like about one year ago this weekend . . .

I was deeply involved in preparing for the Destination Imagination tournament. As the Instant Challenge Challenge Master I was responsible for getting everything ready to go. You can see that it was pretty much an all-consuming project!
This year I will once more be heading to the DI tournament tomorrow but NOT as the Challenge Master! I will only be an appraiser! Someone else did all the preparation and training and everything else that was needed. Me - I am just going to show up tomorrow and have a LONG but fun day! That is one stress that isn't in my life right now!
And it is very good that I don't have that particular stress in my life right now! I have enough going on with this class. Once more I am not prepared to talk about what is going on - it will just stress me out more!
Anyway - that is about it for today. I am getting ready to head to the lab to do some work for class. Fun, fun!
I hope you all have a super Friday!
Voice Update: I am having my ups and downs but, overall, things are still pretty good with my voice. I need to really concentrate on my exercises but with everything else going on . . . I keep forgetting! That isn't good, is it?


Mental P Mama said...

I remember that! Feel better!

Chris H said...

It seems weird to say, but good luck being jobless!

Diane said...

I remember when your house looked like that.

I really hope the jobless thing works for you. You're very resourceful. You'll do great!