Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Post From Skor

Hi All!

Mom is still struggling with her head cold so I decided that I would take over her blog for the day.

I know Mom told you about the books she bought. She told you that Miss Cleo and I had already checked them out. Well, she wasn't quite right. Let me show you the REAL story.

Okay - wait. This camera is a bit tricky. Let me try again.

Darn! Mom makes it look so easy!

You have it upside down! Here, I can help you.

Thanks. I think we have it now. Okay. Here are Mom's new books.

As kitties, it is our responsibility to check these things out completely for any danger. Homeland security has nothing on us!

Each book gets a total sniffing and then we have to check the back and edges too. That leads to a bit of what Mom would call a mess.

See? I am almost done with the pile. The only issue is that I can't pile them back up. Mess? I would call this a job well done!

This is Mom's book cabinet. She will put the new books in here just as soon as Miss Cleo and I are done investigating them. The books in here are off limits to us kitties - I keep trying to get in there to investigate but, Mom won't let me in!

After all that investigation, Miss Cleo and I are tired out and need to nap on Mom's favorite blanket.

Well, that is the REAL scoop on how kitties investigate Mom's new books. I hope you enjoyed the information.

I hope Mom is feeling better tomorrow. I don't know though - she has THAT class tonight and never is real happy after that.

Oh well!

Have a great day!

Skor (and Miss Cleo)

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Mental P Mama said...

In my next life, I am coming back as a cat! Now go take care of your mommy!