Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Day In the Life

Hi All!

Well, I managed to get my grocery shopping done yesterday - which was a HUGE deal since I hadn't been to the store in something like three weeks! The only real down side to grocery shopping during the day is that Hubby isn't home to help me haul everything into the house! That means multiple trips in and out while trying to keep Skor, the Curious, from sneaking out the door!

Next up was calling the vet to arrange to take Miss Cleo in for a gum check. The gums around her canine teeth are swollen and I wanted to get them checked out. Here is a synopsis of how the news of the trip went over with Miss Cleo.

Hey, Little Girl! Wake up! We need to head to the vet's office.

Yes, I can tell that you are THRILLED!

No, Miss Cleo! Calling and cancelling the appointment won't work. I have warned them about you. Even disguising your voice won't help.

Okay. Time to get into the carrier. Now, don't be like that! Throwing a tantrum won't work! (I am just glad she didn't decide to hide from me!)

Anyway - I got Miss Cleo to the vet with a minimum of fuss - only a bit of whining in the car on the way there and, surprisingly, a bit of whining while waiting in the room for the vet!

The vet told me that the gums were fine - a bit inflamed but brushing Miss Cleo's teeth daily would take care of that. Um. Have YOU ever tried to brush a cat's teeth? Let's just say that I have been there, tried that, and have moved on. Next idea?

There is a nifty liquid that you can squirt into their mouths which helps to break up the plaque and tartar. Hmmm. That might work. At least it won't take as much holding down as the brushing would.

After paying what was left in my savings account (okay, it just FELT like I was paying that much!) and keeping Miss Cleo from breaking out of the carrier and sitting on a tiny little dog (seriously, she could have smooshed that little bugger!), I headed home with the liquid and one seriously miffed cat.

Luckily, after about two seconds, Miss Cleo was all purrs and love again. Until I had to grab her to give her a couple squirts of the liquid. Interestingly, it must not taste too bad since neither kitty (Skor got a shot too) tried to spit (or in Skor's case - drool) it out.

That was how my day went. How was yours?


Voice Update: Doing well, thank you very much!


Mental P Mama said...

Lol...cats are so bossy;)

Chris H said...

Hee hee! I can just imagine how awful it would be to try and brush a cat's teeth!
I hate having to haul all the groceries inside on my own too!