Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Walk This Morning.

Hi All!

A while ago I promised I would take some pictures to show you what Spring is looking like in my neck of the world. So . . . .come along with me on my walk!

We still have a lot of lovely blooming trees around even though most of the Bradford Pears have now transitioned to light green leaves instead of snowy blooms.

Up North is is always Spring when you see your first Robin of the year. Well, here the Robins have been around for a while. This one and a friend were watching me from above and chirping their hearts out!

The Forsythia blooms so nicely here. There are many shrubs along the route I walk. They look like little bits of sunshine!

Mockingbirds are common companions while I walk. This one was silhouetted so nicely against the "almost daylight" sky.

I am not certain what kind of shrub this is but there are several in landscaping that I walk by every morning. I think I would like one of these in my landscaping - IF we ever get around to re-doing it!

These lovely blooms took a bit of a beating from the recent cold weather (and snow!) They are still pretty though!

This sideways picture shows two of the many beautiful daffodils blooming in our area. Oddly, there are many daffodils which are still only buds, too. It must be the odd weather we have had this Spring!

With pink being my favorite color I couldn't resist a picture (or two or three) of these lovely blooms! In this bed they are mixed with Texas' "winter flowers." pansies.

Evidence of the Bradford Pear blooms is everywhere. They even make this sidewalk almost pretty!

Speaking of Pansies. This yard has TONS of them. This close-up shot is especially for Mom!

Here is a close up of some remaining Bradford Pear blooms. They are so pretty.

The state flower of Texas is the Bluebonnet. One yard has a large patch of them which are just starting to bloom. The traditional flower is bluish purple.

Then there is the orangeish-reddish color. It makes a nice contrast.

There are many trees with red/pink/purple buds bursting out all over.

The Honeysuckle is in bud and soon the world will be scented with their sweet fragrance.

My Pincushion plant is already blooming its heart out. It actually bloomed a couple of times during the winter as well. I love this plant!

Here are my strawberry plants - I am so glad that they survived their brief covering in snow this weekend! I was worried about them!

This is my most recent "blow-up" banner. The sun's face has a blow-up bladder in it to make it 3-D! I am trying to get the sun to come and feel welcome!
Well, there you have it. My morning walk and the signs of Spring from around my neighborhood.
I hope Spring is showing itself in your neck-of- the-woods as well!
Voice Update: Yesterday I noticed that my voice was hesitating a bit more than normal. I was talking to my class-mates as we studied together. I know, I know - back to the exercises!


Mental P Mama said...

What a cheery walk we just had!!! I think that bush might be a Spirea--but don't hold me to it!!!

Diane said...

Wow... honeysuckle. We don't see much of that up here. And our pear blossoms are cherry blossoms! We have tons of cherry trees in the Seattle area.

Beautiful walk! Thanks for sharing!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Look at those beautiful blossoms! Ours have just started-- the cold winter really threw the UK Spring off this year.

I want strawberry plants!!!

Chris H said...

What lovely photos. I love the bluebonnets, my favourite colour!