Friday, March 26, 2010

My Walk and My Books

Hi All!

Yesterday I totally crashed and ended up taking a three hour nap. It felt so decadent to sleep that long during the day! Such is the life of a lady of leisure!

This morning I was up to make Hubby's lunch and then hit the sidewalks for my morning walk. Once again, I took my camera with me.

There are a lot of trees with pinkish/reddish/purplish buds on them. Mom keeps asking if I see Redbud trees but . . . I honestly don't know!

Here is the Bluebonnet patch. More and more blooms "pop" up each day. They are so lovely.

Okay - tilt your head to the left to view this picture. This tree has the prettiest "blooms." Like green waterfalls!

The "good" tree in our front yard is sprouting lots of tiny, green leaves. I love seeing the tree turn from brown to green.

My strawberry plants look so lush this morning with the dew still clinging to their leaves. That bloom means that we will have berries this summer!

Okay - tilt the head to the left again for this shot (and the next one too). Here are my recently read books. I know I promised to talk about them more frequently so that I don't end up with a huge, long post but . . . as you can tell - that didn't work out as I planned. So - I am just going to show you a picture of the books and then talk about my most recently read ONE!

Here is the most recent book I read. I just finished this yesterday (after the marathon nap) and really savored each word. Natural Born Charmer by Susan Elizabeth Phillips is a fun journey with two completely opposite personalities as they travel across the country.
A famous, playboy NFL quarterback, Dean Roulliard, is taking a break from his life and picks up a woman in a beaver costume on the side of the road. Initially, he was only providing a ride but soon he found himself with a traveling companion.
Blue Bailey, the costumed woman, found herself at a crossroad in her life with each direction looking rather dreary and depressing. Her ex-lover shows up and steals her rent money days after her literal saint of a mother cleaned out her saving and checking accounts to help save some kidnapped girls in a third world country. Getting into the car with Dean provided a way out and a way to a new adventure.
Both Blue (her real name!) and Dean find out that the car ride was only a prelude to a journey that neither of them could have predicted.
I really enjoyed this book. The characters are well written and developed and the addition of more characters is done in a way that makes the reader feel that they have always been there in the shadows just waiting for their moment in the sun.
I don't believe that I have ever read a book by Susan Elizabeth Phillips but I will certainly be keeping my eyes open for more of her books if they are as good as this one was!
Voice Update: I am trying to increase my exercises. My voice seems to be marginally better - fewer breaks and hesitations than earlier this week. I am back to talking to myself and my kitties since I don't have to talk for work these days!


Mental P Mama said...

3 hours??? Wow! I don't sleep that much at night any more! I love our morning walks, too;)

Diane said...

Thanks for the book review! I haven't read her before.

Love your flower shots. Amazing how different spring looks in our two states!