Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oh, Crab Cakes!

Hi All!

Was it just me or was yesterday a LOOOOOONNNNNGGGG day? Even with my unplanned nap of two hours, the day seemed to last forever. Not necessarily in a bad way . . .it just lasted a long time!

Let's see. Yesterday I said I was heading to the ASL lab. Wrong! I fell asleep and decided that I could hit the lab today.

Yesterday I said I was going to go grocery shopping. Wrong! I fell asleep and decided that I could grocery shop in the evening. Wrong! Hubby decided that today was the day we were going to start our evening walks again so I "get" to shop today!

As you can see, today is starting to get scheduled up!

Oh well, at least it won't be a boring day!

Another event from yesterday was that I made crab cakes. From scratch. From fake crab ( the real stuff is WAY better but WAY more expensive!). Without a recipe. I pulled stuff out of the fridge and the pantry and just got busy mixing stuff together. An egg to hold stuff together. Some Dijon mustard because it seemed like the right thing to add. Some Miracle Whip because you always need Miracle Whip. Chopped up fake crab because that was the entire point of the dish, right? Bread crumbs to soak up some of the egg and the Miracle Whip and to add the cake to the crab cakes. Some Old Bay seasoning which I found in my spice drawer since it seemed to go with crab.

Everything got mixed up and then formed into perfect appetizer sized cakes to be fried in sizzling olive oil. When they were done, the crab seemed to melt on my tongue and the seasonings were perfect - not too strong but not too bland either. I was so proud of my crab cakes!

Hubby, whose proclamation of hunger prompted my creation of crab cake appetizers, refused to even taste them! Refused. To. Even. Taste. Them! What nerve!!!

So. I have some left over crab cakes. Hopefully they reheat well and will make a nice, tasty lunch for me today.


Voice Update: Still working on my exercises but still having some sneezing issues. There is something in the air which causes me to sneeze about three times each hour. These, my friends, are not small, dainty sneezes. Oh, no! They are HUGE, scary sounding things which leave my throat feeling worse for wear and cause the cats to hide. Not good. Not good at all.

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Mental P Mama said...

You lost me at Miracle Whip.....