Monday, March 22, 2010

"Rain" and Snow

Hi All!

This weekend was fun . . . and pain!

First the fun!

Hubby and I went to see "Rain" on Saturday. This is a very, very good Beatles tribute band, if you didn't know that already. They perform in theaters and basically do the same rounds as the musicals do. We saw this group last year and Hubby enjoyed them so much that we got tickets for them again this year.

The group didn't disappoint even though some of the original people were not performing at the show we went to (which was a big bummer to Hubby).

The group took the audience on a trip through the history of the Beatles using music (of course) and costumes as well as audio-visual displays. I must say that I was a bit traumatized to realize that the Flintstones actually promoted SMOKING at one point and time!

Rain attracted a diverse audience from people who were there for the "originals" and those who probably didn't even know who the Beatles were. By the end of the concert, everyone was standing and cheering for the wonderful music and the great performance!

The next "fun" thing was this . . . .

Yes, snow in Texas in March!
Hard to believe but true! Of course, the snow didn't even make it through the morning before it melted but . . . it was there!
Along with the snow came cold temperatures - of course. It was quite a change to go from the low 70s on Friday to the low 30s on Saturday and Sunday!
I am not sure if it was the temperatures or what but . . . my back really started acting up on Saturday night and continued all day Sunday. Today it is a bit better but it still isn't "right." I had horrible spasms in the area of my shoulder blades that just wouldn't stop despite the high-test Motrin and sports creme that I liberally applied.
Due to the spasms, I spent most of Saturday night and Sunday lying flat on my back. That isn't too much fun!
I hope your weekend was better!
Voice Update: Doing okay. I am working on more exercises but it is hard going at times.


Mental P Mama said...

I think y'all have had as much snow as us Yankees this year;) Feel better!

Chris H said...

Brrrrr. no thanks to snow and cold.
I hope your back is feeling a lot better now chick.

imbeingheldhostage said...

I hope you're feeling better. I can't believe you had snow... and I was just looking at pictures of your blossoms. That's what I get for reading backwards in your blog :-)