Monday, March 29, 2010

Onward! To the Pantry!

Hi All!

This was a nice weekend for me. I went to the ASL lab on Saturday and managed to spend some time (almost three hours!) with the lab assistants getting some clarification on some ASL basics which I never really understood. I know - I have gone a long way in the program and there are still things I don't understand??? Yeppers!

Apparently, my ASL 1 teacher wasn't too good at teaching some of the basics so . . . I never got them. My ASL 2 teacher wasn't any great prize so the gaps in my "foundation" just continued to be lacking.

Well, I finally figured out what I didn't know and am determined to get the gaps filled in the best I can. After Saturday, I believe I am off to a good start!

When I got home I took a nice nap. It felt so wonderful since the weather was cool and I opened a window so that I could snuggle under the covers! Heaven!

In the evening I finally picked up my crochet project again and started working on it again. I didn't get very far but - I am working on it. Hopefully, I will have a picture of it for you tomorrow!

Sunday meant heading to church and finding a spot in the crowded sanctuary. They held the Easter Egg hunt and party for the kiddos this past Sunday so everyone who had kiddos was there! It was fun to see the little bitties walking around with their Easter baskets.

After church I got into the cleaning mood again. This time I attacked the pantry.

We are very lucky to have a rather spacious pantry in our house. It is a long closet accessed through two doors situated side by side. One side of the pantry is dedicated to all things food. The other to all things non-food but possibly food related.

I started on the non-food side, took everything off of shelves, wiped down shelves (and items) and then re-organized. There were some things which had found their way into the pantry which simply needed to be ditched (which means donated to a local charity resale shop). Other things were just in need of some dusting and repositioning.

The worst part of the whole cleaning experience on Sunday was the floor of the pantry. The doors don't go all the way to the floor and so there is a sliver of space just perfect for dust and kitty hair to sneak under. Can you say dust bunnies??? These were HUGE and took a lot of work to get rid of since the cat hair gave them a stickiness that ensured that they stuck to pretty much everything! Yuck!

Anyway - I finished with the non-food portion of the pantry and went on to the other door - the food side of the pantry. This side is pretty regularly organized as I grocery shop so all I had to really concentrate on was the top shelf with its storage items on it and the floor with its dastardly dust bunnies! There was a little sorting of old food and then . . . it was done!

Another project finished!

Hubby was pretty good about this cleaning. He tends to get a little disturbed by change and my going through closets makes him edgy. We had a discussion about my need to clean the various areas of the house (No, I don't feel dirty. No, I am not angry about anything. No, I don't feel like my mom is going to comment if my pantry is disorganized!) and his need to keep things as they are. I thought it was rather funny that he was telling me that he doesn't particularly feel comfortable with me sorting through things and then turned around to tell me that the coat closet needs organizing.

Thanks, Hubby!


Voice: Okay. Hubby told me yesterday that my voice "needs work." I have been sneezing a lot lately thanks to allergies and that seems to be really affecting my voice quality. Hubby was rewarded for his comment with the opportunity to listen to me do my voice exercises on the way to and from church! Isn't he a lucky duck?


Mental P Mama said...

That husband of yours is skating on thin ice! Will you come clean my house?

imbeingheldhostage said...

Isn't it sad that such cleaning has to go into closets and pantries? I clean drawers that way too, and no one ever gets to come in and comment on my nice drawers :-)

Go rest now, you worked hard!

Chris H said...

Uggg... I should clean my pantry too!
I'm glad you could share your voice exercises with your hubby.... as he was a 'captive' audience! lol