Monday, March 15, 2010

The "Normal" Routine!

Hi All!

I feel as if a HUGE burden has been lifted from my shoulders! My first day of not working in a long, long time! I can finally try to get back into a "normal" routine!

The first step is getting up and out of the house in the morning for my walk. Hubby took me to buy new shoes after church yesterday so I was ready. I slipped those puppies on and hit the pavement. It felt good!

While I was walking I got to do two things I really enjoy. First, I got to listen to a couple podcasts - my daily devotional which I have been neglecting recently, my bible in a year podcast which has also been neglected, and Grey's Anatomy's podcast which is always a treat!

Second, I got to see the evidence that Spring really is coming to my neck of the woods! I didn't take my camera along today but I have some pictures to show you.

This beauty is hiding in the middle of a shrub in the so-called landscaping around my church. What an unexpected place to find such a lovely sign of Spring!

The Bradford Pair trees in our neighborhood are in full bloom. They look like they did when they were shrouded with snow! I wanted to show you a picture of the snow to compare the two but Blogger didn't want that picture to load, apparently!

Tomorrow I will take my camera with me on my walk so I can show you the daffodils and the tulip sprouts which are coming up everywhere! Yes, Spring is in the still-chilly air!

*taking a deep breathe!*

Yes, Spring is here!


Voice Update: Still doing really well - thank God. I am trying to get into my routine of voice exercises again now that I have some time to de-stress from everything that has been going on in the past couple of months. The NSDA is having a regional symposium in Denver in May. If you are in the area and have SD - you should attend! Go to the NSDA website for more information.


Mental P Mama said...

Beautiful!!! Love those pears!!

Diane said...

Those shoes are awesome! And isn't it wonderful to find time to walk!