Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Additions at the Farm

Hi All!

It is Wednesday and, after a lovely week off, I now have to resume going to my interpreting class. What fun! NOT!

In an effort to not think about class tonight I will now smoothly change the topic.

This morning was absolutely beautiful for walking. It was about 58 degrees and there was a nice breeze blowing. The breeze hinted at the possibility of rain and the grey clouds in the sky seemed to agree. We will see if that comes to pass or not.

Currently Skor is playing with his paper shopping bag in the living room. I can hear him batting it around. He is probably trying to get inside to "hide" from Miss Cleo who is sitting nearby looking on with a bored expression. I am just glad that Skor is playing. He has been in such a little snit this morning.

Have I told you about Skor's habit of chewing on stuff? Well, one of his favorite things to chew is the light beside my bed. It is a sconce type light attached to the wall and it is the halogen kind which gets very hot. Does this deter the little bugger? NO WAY! He chews on the metal light shade which gets hot, hot, hot. He chews on the cord - for which he promptly gets a whack. He chews on the knob used to turn the light on and off. In fact, two days ago he managed to pull that little knob off of the light and drop it behind out headboard. Isn't he a fun little thing???

It is lucky for him that he is also darn cute!

Okay - my parents recently made an addition to their farm family. Take a look.

That is right! Goats! Seven Boer goats. Soon the plan is to put the goats into the enclosure which has the goat shed in it. However, that can't be done right away because the goats need a guardian.
They will be in the enclosure 24/7 and that makes them vulnerable to predators. They need protection. Like a donkey.
You may think donkey's are cute little things but in reality they can be quite mean and can really do damage to a coyote or wolf looking for a tasty goat snack.
So - until Dad can find a nice donkey to purchase, the goats will be bunking in the barn.
They are so cuties, aren't they?
Voice Update: Still missing once in a while but I am working on that. I am!!!

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Mental P Mama said...

Those goats are adorable!!! Send Skor up there. He could guard them for a bit;)