Thursday, March 18, 2010

Oh Fudruckers!

Hi All!

Happily, I have rather good news from speech therapy yesterday. Even though my recent cold and the coughing which it brought with it did some "damage (nothing permanent!)" to my voice, I was still deemed as doing well. Of course, while Susan was checking my voice out, I was checking out her finger.

If you recall, Susan cut her finger a couple of weeks back - badly. She had to have surgery to fix it all up and that caused considerable pain and that kept her from working for more than a week.

Anyway, she is doing much better even though she has entered the physical therapy stage of recovery. According to Susan, that is the worst part of it all. I am just glad that she is starting to feel better.

After speech and doing a bit of work around the office (the new person is doing very, very well!) I headed to the nearby mall to hit Lane Bryant. Let me tell you, I tried on a TON of stuff. Of course, my main objective was to buy some new bras and maybe some shirts. Pants and jeans were also on sale so I, or course, checked out some of those. I ended up leaving with some bras and underwear (you have to always check out the new patterns when you are there!), a shirt, and a swimsuit. YES! I actually tried on swimsuits!

The swimsuit thing has been on my mind for a while. I haven't had a swimsuit for a long time (well, since I have "grown") and had decided to bite the bullet and buy one for those times I would like to go swimming. And - who knows, maybe I will utilize the "adult pool" in our development this year. I figure I can walk to the pool, swim some laps, and walk back in the morning. Should work, right?

We will see how that goes.

Today I will be meeting my friends Donna and Caroline at Fudrucker's for lunch. My only hesitation is that since my bout of illness following the ingesting of a What-A-Burger hamburger my appetite for hamburgers has been - shall we say - Nil! I have it on good authority that Fudrucker's has a wide range of selections for those of us who might not be yearning to eat "a hunk of cow." I guess we will find out, won't we?

Not wanting a hamburger is such a bummer since Fudrucker's is a hamburger lover's paradise!

Maybe I will feel the need for beef once I get there today!

Okay - I put this picture on today's post before deciding what to write about. Is it just coincidence that I wrote about getting a new swimsuit??

This is a picture taken from Fisherman's Wharf in San Fransisco, California when Hubby and I were there after a cruise. We also visited my cousin, Brynn, who lives relatively close to the area. It was a great trip. Hmmmmm. Maybe we need to go back there!
Voice Update: I pretty much already said everything but . . . still doing pretty darn well.


Mental P Mama said...

LOL. I love those SF seals!! And we would like a picture of you modeling your new swimsuit;)

Elizabeth said...

Loved the seal picture.
You are brave to buy a new swims suit - I love swimming but the suit buying is a bit depressing....!
As regards burgers, I can understand you being a bit put off after eating a bad one...
I pretty much love all food!
love from Buster's mom

Coffee Bean said...

Swimsuits... oy.

I found the neatest thing at Target... they are swimshorts. I got a black pair and I wear them over my swimsuit (which is a cross backed speedo). It works much better than wearing them with a tanktini top and it looks fine. Better than one of those swim dresses too. I've got all of the stuff I've mentioned. LOL! It is the most comfortable get up I've got that also provides the coverage I want.

Diane said...

Swim suit? No thank you!

I try to limit my burgers. I can digest chicken a lot more easily than a hunk of beef!

Chris H said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your shopping and came home with some goodies.