Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another Tired Thursday!

Hi All!

As I am typing this I can barely keep my eyes open. The sporadic "Beep" of the IM window telling me that Mom has made a new comment (okay, that and my iTunes playing loudly!) keeps me from falling asleep but, I am TIRED!

Why? My "lovely" class, of course! I managed to get home about five minutes before eleven (at night) but then was wired and couldn't fall asleep. Just my luck!

Why is it that I can sleep during the day for a nap with no problem but when it is night and I am supposed to sleep - my brain won't stop???

Anyway. The entire point is that I am T.I.R.E.D!!!

In other news, I managed to make it to the post office to ship a package to Mom yesterday on my way to class. Normally, our post office is the model of inefficiency. The line can stretch out of the assigned space and into the lobby. There are four windows but there is never more than one or - on a great day - two people working the windows. Yesterday, however, something odd was happening. Each person in line was taken care of quickly and cheerfully. The line was only ever one or two people long and no one in that line was grumbling. Odd.

After the "bizarro" stop to the post office, I headed to good, old, Wally World (Wal Mart for those who don't speak Trisha). I needed to get a binder for a class project (which we won't be talking about right now) as well as some allergy meds. I walked out of Wal Mart without the meds but did manage to snag three short sleeved shirts which were on clearance.

I haven't actually tried these shirts on so I am not certain they will fit correctly but - I couldn't resist. I got a bright pink shirt, a bright pink with white polka dots, and a orange sherbet colored shirt. I think they will be super!

That is all my tired little brain can contemplate this morning. Oh - I did walk this morning and it was chilly - much colder than yesterday. I should tell you this because it made me laugh on and off for my entire walk. . .

In my never-ending search for appropriate and comfortable walking clothes, I purchased a pair of yoga pants. They are lovely and soft and comfortable. However, when I purchased them, they were obviously made for a giantess! I had to take about six inches off the bottom and then I put in a big (three inch) hem.

Well, these yoga pants keep shrinking in length each time I wash them. This has resulted in some nice "high-water" looking yoga pants. So - I decided to take the big hems out to get more length. I started this project yesterday morning and finished ONE leg.

Of course I didn't finish them last night since I wasn't actually home so - this morning when I needed to wear the yoga pants to walk in . . . I had one long leg and one short leg. Who care, I thought. No one normally sees me walking other than people passing in cars and I don't really know them.

So - off I trotted with my comfortable yoga pants and their uneven legs. Each time I looked down and saw one nice, long pant leg and one, short pant leg, I chuckled.

It is good to laugh at yourself - right?


Voice Update: Not too good. Okay - relatively speaking I am doing fine - MUCH, MUCH better than when I had NO voice at all. But - I need to do something to work on this "missing" I have going. I think one thing is that I am trying to talk too loudly. I need to remember to speak quietly so that I don't strain my poor vocal cords. My exercises help but the talking too loudly doesn't help things. Having to think about talking well is so tiring at times!


Mental P Mama said...

I think you should just leave the pants like that. It might be a nice conversation starter;)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

OH THOSE DAGGONE CLEARANCE SHIRTS AT WAL-MUTANT!! Oh, if I had a NICKEL for every TWO DOLLAR SHIRT I can't seem to keep from stuffing into my basket, I'd be a millionaire.

Or something like that.

Anyway, when you can't even buy used clothing at the DAV thrift store for $3.00, how is a person supposed to pass up a brand new shirt that doesn't even fit, but looks pretty hanging there on the hanger but when you get it home you see it was made for a twig?

I'm exhausted too. Get some sleep, and thanks, as always, for stopping by my little piece of insanity.

Chris H said...

So, how about a photo of the uneven yoga pants.. on you? Yes,it would be funny!

jrice said...

I just found your blog site and love it. I also have ABSD and would like to know what kind of exercises you do.