Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Clean Laundry Room

Hi All!

Have you ever just had that feeling that if you didn't clean/organize something "Right this minute" it would never get done?

I had that feeling last night while doing laundry. My laundry room is a rather spacious area, relatively. There is the mandatory washer and drier, a little counter for folding clothes, a bar for hanging clothes, three shelves above the appliances, and a litter box for my "kiddos." The floor space is adequate that you can walk around even when you have piles of sorted clothes hanging out waiting to be washed.

All in all - the laundry room is great. However . . . . Hubby seems to have an obsession for pulling things from the shelves, using them, and then putting them back - on the counter where I am supposed to fold clothing! When/if he does manage to put things back on the shelves they are always in weird places instead of in the neatly organized sections I originally had them in. A few months of this kind of behavior and . . .I walk into the room and feel the urge to organize!

Lately, I have had that urge for a while but couldn't really act on it since I didn't have the time due to work and school and whatever was going on in my life at the time. Now, I DO have the time so . . . . last night I organized the laundry room!

Everything came off the shelves and was dusted. The shelves themselves were cleaned. In the case of the shelf where our laundry supplies are kept this was a rather big ordeal since the supplies were sitting on a layer of paper toweling which had gotten stuck to the shelf by drips and drops of various liquids.

After working on that section of shelving for about half an hour, it was finally clean and Hubby helped me to lay nice, clean shelf liner which SHOULD be resistant to the drips and drops.

Once everything was off the shelves and cleaned up it was time to replace them on the shelves in some kind of logical order. For me, this means putting things together which have similar purposes. All of the car cleaning supplies (don't ask why these are in the laundry room instead of the garage - that is a whole different story) go together, all of the furniture cleaner and polish goes together, etc.

Then it was dealing with the miscellaneous items left on the counter. Bags and odds and ends of clothing. A set of sheets. Two pillowcases. A nail. Assorted bags of various sizes. The covers of long exhausted lint rollers. A hugenormous zip tie used to clean out occasional sink clogs.

Suddenly, as I was folding up the last of the bags and putting them neatly in a box where Hubby can easily find them later, I saw something beautiful! A stretch of empty, clean counter top!

Visions of folding clothes on the counter top and having a place to flat-dry items of clothing raced through my mind. Imagine actually having the use of a counter instead of making due with the top of the drier! I could hardly contain my excitement. In fact, I promptly put the counter to use drying one of my sweaters!

Then Hubby walked in to survey the results of my work. I was disturbed by the gleam in his eye when he looked at the nice, clean counter top!

I wonder how long it will remain clean?


Voice Update: Darn those H's! I am doing really well except for those suckers!


Chris H said...

Sounds like a good job well done.
My husband is the same in the garage... it is up to me to keep it organised and tidy.

Mental P Mama said...

LOL. Don't let him back in there!