Monday, September 7, 2009

Ohio Views

Hi All!

Even though I doubt that many people missed me . . . I am back! Now I am trying to recover from my vacation - luckily, it is Labor Day so I have a day off of work and class! Too bad Skor won't let me sleep!

Speaking of Skor - a quick update. Before I left for Ohio, Skor had cut his foot (AGAIN!). While we were gone we took his cone off and left him be - deciding that if it was still bad when we got home we could start the meds, etc. again. Well, Skor's foot looks good (knock on wood!). There is still a bit of a bruise on the pad which is the result of the swelling but, overall, it looks good. Keep your fingers crossed that he has decided to quit cutting his feet!

Miss Cleo is doing well also. Her fur is starting to grow back again over her scar but she still looks a bit funny!

Now - to the trip North. The trip there was smooth (well, as smooth as a flight with two stops and one plane transfer can be!) and we got to Columbus, Ohio will no problem. From there we rented a car and headed north to Marblehead to visit my Mother and Brother-in-law. We also got to see two of my nieces who were visiting for the weekend. Nice.

This is the view from my Mother-in-law's driveway - looking behind the house and a bit to the left of the house. Most of our stay, the weather was cloudy so we didn't' get a lot of super, sunny shots.

This is Lucky, my Brother-in-law's dog. He is getting old now but, he is still a good, good dog. Also pretty LARGE! He didn't like to get his picture taken for some reason.

Now Hubby and I are on the road heading to a local winery. Notice the cloudy skies!

We were crossing a bridge and I just couldn't resist these views!

Here we are! We made it to Hermes winery. We aren't really sure but this might have been the Sandhill winery at one time. The signs along the road were a little confusing.

The vineyard was right next to and behind the building. I was thrilled that there were actually grapes on the vines!

The winery is in an old barn - complete with the old silo. I know this shot is a bit dark but remember that it was a very, very cloudy day!

They had nice "wildflowers" planted out front and a rustic walkway to the door.

The bar was rustic as well. It looked like old wood from a barn. I especially liked this "handhold" in the bar. Hubby told me it was for when people had tasted too much wine - they could hold on to keep from falling. What do you think?

There was a loft above the bar and seating behind where I was standing to take this picture. All very rustic and neat (in my opinion!).
Hubby got one bottle of wine and we headed back to the In-Laws' for a bit. It was a nice trip up to the lake (Lake Erie, for those of you who might not have known). We didn't get out on the boat but had a fun time anyway.
There will be more pictures tomorrow - blogger willing!
Happy Labor Day!
Voice Update: Well, my voice is pretty good but is also pretty shaky at the same time. During the day (think morning and early afternoon) things are good. Later in the day things get a bit more shaky with breaks and more effort required to talk. I am sure it will get whipped back into shape soon. Vacations are hard on the voice!


noble pig said...

I love that rustic tasting room.

Chris H said...

What a lovely winery. I think the rustic charm is very cute.