Friday, September 18, 2009

Mushroom Circles

Hi All!

Happy Friday to everyone!

I am moving in a sort of slow motion this fine morning. I didn't sleep well for some reason - kept waking up about every hour or so - and now my body is trying to tempt me back to bed. However, I want to head to the Deaf Action Center this morning so I am fighting it!

Another side effect to the lack of sleep is that my brain isn't functioning at its normal level. There are about three different ideas for blogs running around up there but, somehow, nothing is coming out correctly so . . .

Let's talk about mushrooms!

Lately, we have been getting more than our usual share of rain in this area. I have lost track of the total but it is more than 8 inches now. This unusual moisture content is causing an explosion in the wild (and probably poisonous) mushroom population. There are mushrooms practically everywhere.

As I was walking this morning, I took some time to enjoy the mushrooms. They start out as little golf ball shaped things. Then they grow into elongated golf balls and eventually, they open like tiny umbrellas into their more traditional mushroom shape. Not only that, but, in several yards they are organized in neat, almost perfect, circles.

While I have absolutely no clue as to why mushrooms would grow in a circle, I seem to remember something about rings of mushrooms being called "fairy circles" or something similar. This tickles my fancy. Imagining tiny fairies creeping out in the night to frolic and party in these mushroom circles. Maybe they sit on the mushrooms when their minuscule feet are tired from dancing and watch the others continue the fun. Miniature fairy babies might sleep under the canopy of the mushrooms, exhausted from the festivities.

Can't you almost see it?


Voice Update: Doing okay. I still need to do some more work on my massage - my throat is a bit crunchy these days. Also, I need to work on my "t's" since I have trouble with words with an initial t sound. The work never stops!

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Chris H said...

Fairies eh? Tis good to know you have a good imagination... lol!