Saturday, September 26, 2009

Clean Carpet!

Hi All!

The Stanley Steamer Carpet Cleaners are in the house!

As you may or may not know, Hubby is a bit . . . shall we say . . . overly concerned about cleanliness. He is the real cleaner in our family and one of his "pet peeves" is the carpet.

While choosing the carpet for our house, Hubby wanted a really light beige color - almost white. I was trying to go for something much darker - so it wouldn't show dirt - but I was over ruled. At the time, I told Hubby that we could have the lighter carpet but he would be in charge of vacuuming (I have bad associations with vacuuming which I will have to blog about some other day). Hubby agreed.

Much to my amazement, Hubby has been true to his word. In fact, he vacuums almost every single day. Much of this is due to the fact that we have two medium/long hair cats who like to spontaneously shed clumps of hair. Our carpets are always pretty darn clean.

However, about two or three weeks ago, Hubby began to look at the carpet and mutter under his breath. Then, I started finding coupons for carpet cleaning companies on the kitchen island. A while later I found print outs of carpet cleaning company information on the printer.

Knowing that Hubby likes to mull things over before actually discussing them, I didn't say much. One evening, Hubby asked if I thought the carpet needed cleaning. Having already noticed the clues about what he was thinking, I smothered my instinctive response of "I don't think they need cleaning - they look good to me!" and instead responded with, "Well, it has been ten years so they probably could use it."

That was the right response since Hubby had already made up his mind that we needed the carpet cleaned in our living room.

Well, today the carpet cleaners are here. As I type they are cleaning away. The cats are shut up in the master bedroom with some catnip to soothe them and I have freshly cleaned, rubber-soled shoes for when I need to walk across the newly cleaned carpet.

Apparently, you can't walk in bare feet on cleaned carpet. Who knew?


Voice Update: Going pretty well. If I try to speak too loudly it isn't a good thing but . . . I am still working on it! Did I mention that at the hockey game this week I couldn't talk too much - the background was just way too loud. I ended up having to talk in Hubby's ear. Frustrating but I think that is going to be the way things are for the rest of my life.


Mental P Mama said...

I need to do that, too;) Why can't you walk on them barefooted?

Chris H said...

Your husband vacums every day!
OMG.. can you send him to my house!
Girl... just smile and let him do it!

noble pig said...

Why not the bare feet?