Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Hi All!

Yes, Hubby and I went to the Star's hockey game last night and it was fun (except for the killer headache I had been fighting all day and which REALLY didn't like the noise and flashing lights at the game!)!

I whipped out my camera and took some shots - not very good because I don't have a terrific zoom or a professional behind the lens - but . . . fun!

First of all - TWO Zambonis! These huge machines fascinate me. In fact, the last time I went to a hockey game I had to come home and hit the computer to find out just how the darn things work. They are fascinating to me!

Next up - TWO inflatable blimps! A chili pepper from Chili's and a burrito from Chipotle. I kept waiting to see them fight in mid-air but, alas, it never happened!

My action shots are a bit blurry but . . . we had good seats. Not right on the glass but we could see everything!

Including the fights. In this one, one of the officials got taken down in the scuffle!

One shot I wanted to get all night was when an entire line change happens and the players swarms over the boards. This is as close as I got!

Again -an example of my action photography!
I have good shots of another fight that happened in mid rink but I think that is enough hockey for one day.
I just love saying that word!
Voice Update: So-so. I am having some allergy issues so that means drainage and THAT means my voice is struggling. However - since I don't have to work today (YEAH!) I can catch a nap and hopefully be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for class tonight. My first time going to class this semester without rushing to leave work. Wow. New experiences!


noble pig said...

We used to have season fun!

Coffee Bean said...

Hockey games are a blast! I have to say I am grateful my son never caught that bug! They practice at 5 am!!!