Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Let's Discuss Lunch!

Hi All!

Well, I was going to show you more Ohio photos today but Blogger just isn't working with me today! So . . . let's see what I will talk about . . .

Today is another "early" day for me. What that means is that I go into work early so that I can leave early and go to class. Going directly from work to class means I have to plan and tote my dinner with me. This is always a problem for me since I don't plan ahead too well. Hopefully, today will be different.

Last night I had to vacuum pack some chicken breasts (we buy in bigger quantities and then vacuum pack and freeze for later) and I decided to just cook some of those buggers to make myself some dinner for tonight.

I plan to take some shredded chicken (cooked and shredded last night) and to make a wrap with mayo (light, of course), lettuce, and cheese. Add to that a small apple and some carrot sticks and . . . voila! Instant dinner. We will see how that works for me. There is a refrigerator at work I can put my dinner in so it will stay cold - it should work, don't you think?

Also, I made a batch of meatballs. I LOVE meatballs. I also LOVE the meatball song (if you haven't heard it - check out "One Meatball" on YouTube and you will find a couple versions of it)! These I made basically for breakfast and some lunches this week. I might freeze some but am still trying to decide on that course of action. I may just eat them all up!

How exciting is this post? Are you all asleep yet?

I hope everyone has a fabulous Wednesday!


Voice Update: Ugh. I am still speaking but it is a lot of effort and since my mood isn't that great either . . . I really don't want to think about it today.


Elizabeth said...

I wish you'd make MY lunch for me too!
I'm very lazy.
Buster sends you a big lick and says thank you for enjoying his blog
and his mom is still a bit upset over the laundry card.......
best wishes from New York.

Flea said...

Your dinner sounds really good. And you make your own meatballs? How awesome is that?