Friday, September 11, 2009

From My Parents' Deck

Hi All!

It is FINALLY raining in my neck of the woods! YEAH! Yesterday it started raining in the afternoon/evening and kept going on and off throughout the night. Then it started again this morning! So far we have had almost two inches of rain. Believe me - it is much needed here.

An added bonus was that I love rain and sleeping while it is raining. Hearing the rain on the roof is so restful to me.

Unfortunately, I didn't sleep well last night despite the rain. Frustrating!

On a more calm and restful note, here are some pictures I took while relaxing on my parents' deck in Ohio.

I tried to be a bit "artsy" and get my feet and the scenery - it didn't work but I love the scenery anyway!

Mom and Dad enjoy watching the birds and so they always have food in the feeders. The birds never fail to put on a nice show. I spent a lot of time trying to get shots of the birds from my recliner (a really neat lawn chair!) but my camera didn't have a great zoom so most of the pictures were blurry.

Some shots - like this one - came out pretty clear. This bird is getting in position for the "finch feeder." It has thistle seed in it. In the background you can see the suet feeder too.

A pretty nice close-up, I think! I couldn't catch the bright yellow one (the male?) but this one stayed still long enough for me to catch him (her?).

My friend - the "other" Tricia - HATES sparrows. I think they are pretty!

Another shot of what I think is the same yellow finch. Maybe he (she?) wants to be a model!

The Chickadees really like the "finch feeder" but this was the only half-way decent shot I got! They are such fun little birds!

Of course, Sammy was with me on the deck checking everything out! He pretty much ignores the birds but the squirrels and groundhogs get him up and looking! Mom and Dad tell me that once Sammy ran out onto the deck and ducked his head under the rails . . . and just kept going. The deck is probably about 7 feet tall. Luckily, Sammy didn't get hurt. He IS a lot more careful about running up to the edge of the deck though!
That is it for another Ohio moment!
Voice Update: Doing okay. Still not at my best. This week just tired me out - between work and class - and my voice reflects that. Oh well!


Anonymous said...

simply beautifully captured shots....lovely!

Chris H said...

YOu did well with the photos! Cute wee birds.