Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Missing Acorn

Hi All!

This morning was a glorious day for a morning walk! The temperature was a cool 69 degrees and there was a lovely breeze blowing. The birds were singing and flitting from tree to tree while bunnies hopped along searching for tasty edibles. I honestly enjoyed my walk!

Today is another "early" day for me. That means I head to work early and then scoot to class for the evening. Doesn't that sound like fun? At work, L is managing to come in more and more so . . . there is a dim light at the end of my work tunnel! Maybe someday soon I won't be working every week but only when L has Chemo. Keep your fingers crossed!

Okay - I am NOT political by any way, shape, thought, or means. I was just watching the news last night (mandatory while Hubby "comes down" from the day so he can sleep) and saw a story on Fox News about a pair of young people who went from city to city visiting Acorn offices. They posed as a young prostitute and her "pimp" asking for help getting a loan to set up a brothel. No - really!

Anyway, the couple had a hidden video camera and now are releasing video of the cities where Acorn workers had no problem helping to fund a brothel - even one with underage girls in it. Now, to be fair, I have no clue if there were Acorn offices in which the workers reacted with shock and denied the couple help. The only video which is being shown is the video of the Acorn workers helping the couple come up with ways to hide the true purpose of the house. Shocking to say the least.

That, the whole shocking part, isn't my purpose for blogging about Acorn. What I want to say is this: While I know that I am not politically aware, I do hear a lot because of my husband's habit of watching political shows on television. However, before this past Presidential election, I had NEVER heard of Acorn! Now I learn that there are offices in cities all over the country. I learn that they have a finger in many, many pies when it comes to helping communities.

My question - how in the world did I miss this? Did I miss newspaper ads from Acorn offering assistance to the poor? Did I miss seeing Acorn working with people in the aftermath of Katrina and Ike? Did I miss the billboards, the news spots, the prominently placed offices off erring assistance? How exactly does Acorn let its presence and its services be known?

To be fair, I don't hang out in low income parts of the city but really - I want to know how Acorn spreads the word as well as just what Acorn's mission statement is. Okay, okay - I know I can "google" it but . . . have you seen Acorn around in your town/city?

Maybe I am just missing the obvious!


Voice Update: Doing fine. Not really in a mood to think about it though. Feeling just the slightest bit fractious today!


Mental P Mama said...

That Acorn business is annoying the tar out of me. But so is my cat;)

Elizabeth said...

I have never seen anything to do with Acorn
and we live in the city
so I don't know.
We tend to watch the news on CBS or Public Television.
We do not often see Fox News because the commentators yell too much!
I will kept you posted if I see anything about Acorn!
(Buster's Squirrels could eat Acorns! LOL!)

the Provident Woman said...

It's sad, but I've never heard of Acorn either. I thought at first you were talking about the things that fall out of the tree. Maybe I should do some research.

Flea said...

I'd heard mention of this ho thing. I've never heard of Acorn before this last election, though.

noble pig said...

I know it's crazy and they lost so much respect with all the voter fraud business.

I have no idea how they spread the word, maybe through state welfare offices.

diane said...

I had never heard of acorn either. And I'm so burnt out on political stuff...(finally)