Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ohio View - Someplace Different

Hi All!

I am just in from my morning walk and nothing much has changed over the week I was away! Luckily, the temperatures are a bit more agreeable - it was only 74 when I woke up this morning - but I was still sweating when I got home!

Today I will be heading off to work for the first time in over a week. It will be interesting to see how things went while I was away.

Well, I have a few more pictures to share with you this morning if you can stand it! This time the view is slightly different - a farm!

My parents own the family farm in Port Washington, Ohio and I think it is just a beautiful place to be during the summer.

This is a shot of the farm house, out kitchen, and spring house from up on a nearby hill. You can also see part of the roof of the barn at the lower edge of the opening in the trees. I was riding in the gator (a neat four wheeled vehicle) with Mom and decided to get this shot. Until this year it was difficult to see all of the buildings because large pine trees were blocking them. However, the trees were removed this year and now you can see everything!

One of the things I like the best is riding/walking through the forests which run through the farm. I remember walking through them when I was a young child. It was always an adventure because you never knew just what you would see. Also, the forest is very cool in the summer heat!

A local farmer, Tom, farms some of my parents' farm. He has corn in the upper fields. Lots of corn!

This shot just speaks to me. Trees, open fields, and corn. Country life!

All of this land and not another person in sight. Breathing room!

You can see the road from the top of this hill - also the fields across the road where there is a natural gas well.

Hi Buddy! This is the farm's ornery goat. He is enjoying the new fenced in enclosure that was recently put up. Hopefully, there will be some more goats to keep him company soon. Dad is working on it.

A view of the farm from the front porch of the house. Mom is on the lawn tractor, Dad is somewhere in the picture trimming, and my Uncle Ken is also in there somewhere watching everything that is going on.
The lake is a great place to feed the fish - it was stocked with fish a couple of years ago and they are fun to feed. The fish will follow you around the pond as you feed them.

This is Sammy in the back of the gator. He hitched a ride with Mom and me as we toured the farm. Being raised on the farm for the first two or three years of his life, Sammy really likes getting out and about the farm. He cools off by swimming in the lake. Of course, that means he has to have a bath before heading home in the car!

A different view. This one is from below the lake looking up at the out kitchen on the right and the spring house on the left. The farm is such a beautiful and peaceful place to spend time. However, Mom and Dad do a LOT of work when they are at the farm!
That is it for today's tour of the family farm. I hope you enjoyed it!
Voice Update: I am doing pretty well even though my throat is a bit tight this week. I don't know that I am really looking forward to going to work to answer the phone but . . .

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Chris H said...

Gorgeous farm! Shame there are no shops too! lol