Monday, September 14, 2009

Amazing Alpacas

Hi All!

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. Here it was wonderful (in my opinion)! We have gotten over 7 inches of rain in the past four or five days. Since I love rain, I have been enjoying things but not everyone feels the same. Another good thing is that the rain has brought our temperatures down quite a bit. Instead of being in the mid to low 90s it has been in the upper 70s and low 80s. Quite a refreshing change!

There is a down side though - the damp weather is helping allergy season (even though the season seems to last all year) get off to an early start.

I am gearing up for another work week - still no word on when/if L will be coming back full time. Of course, since she is having chemo she probably won't be full time for a while. At least she is coming in now and again to help out. That means less for me to do! I don't feel nearly as guilty about leaving early on Mondays and Wednesdays for class when I know she is helping out!

Speaking of class - I am NOT ready for class tonight. We are working on a story using multiple meaning works. The class went over the list of words while I was in Ohio so I don't know all of them. Hopefully I will be able to spend some time in lab before class figuring them out!

Okay - here are today's Ohio pictures. They are all taken at Hubby's sister's Alpaca farm in central Ohio.

These ladies are all "expecting." They are in the "maternity ward" of the farm so that when they have their babies they can get help if they need it. If they were in with the other Alpacas, it would be hard to locate them if/when they needed help. The white girl in the center was a Grand Champion a couple years back. Now she just needs a bath!
Speaking of babies - a baby girl was born while we were there. We got to watch the whole process which was both amazing and disgusting at the same time. This little bundle of joy isn't that little - in fact she is almost a month overdue. The poor momma had some trouble getting this big baby delivered but, luckily, everything turned out just fine.

Here is a proud momma with her little girl. They were kind enough to pose for me. The baby is only a day old.

While I was watching the baby decided to get a little snack. There is just something so compelling about baby animals nursing.
Oh no - Skor is chewing on his left front foot. I hope it is just litter caught in there and not a sign that he cut his foot! I will have to investigate!
Voice Update: A bit rough around the edges but . . . getting slightly better. Hopefully this week won't be as stressful so my voice can get ahead!


Mental P Mama said...

Those pictures are so sweet!

Chris H said...

Alpacas are funny looking animals if ya ask me! Don't they spit at you too?