Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Because I Like to Say "Hockey!"

Hi All!

Well, I survived Monday - even with work and class! Yeah! I will admit that it was a LOOOOOONG day! Work wasn't bad but I am so ready to be done with this temporary gig. Let's all pray for L, okay?

Class. Well, class was . . . okay. Henry, the teacher, finally told the class that he doesn't mind if we are behind on the actual "written stuff" as long as we interact with each other in ASL and have "real life" conversations. I can tell you that we have a LOT of those in our class! In fact, last night we had so many that we didn't even finish one half of a "written" lesson!

That frustrates me a little but, I am trying to just "let it go."

It was interesting that Frick singled me out in class as the "only person who controls herself and doesn't go off on tangents during class." What could I say? That I think it is a huge waste of time to go off on tangents (usually about politics in this class thanks, in large part, to Frack!) when there is work to do? That I don't mind having discussions as long as it is related IN SOME WAY to what we are supposed to be learning? That I would rather complete everything first and THEN have a discussion?

Oh well. Letting it go. Letting it go. Letting it go.

Breathe in . . . .let it out.

Okay. Let's see . . . .

Did I tell you that it is only 66 degrees this morning? No? Well, it was! I was actually a little chilly when I started my walk! It felt so good to start out on the chilly side instead of the hot and sweaty side! Now, by the end of the walk I was sweating but . . . that is good, right? Yeee-haaw!

Tonight Hubby and I are going to a hockey game. It is preseason but - it is free! We got free tickets from our car shopping experience this weekend (at least we got something!). So - we are heading to the hockey game tonight.

Hockey is something that Hubby and I enjoy. When we still lived in Cleveland we went with some regularity to the minor league hockey games. The games were a blast and a half!

Since moving to Texas, we haven't seen too many games. Primarily because we have a major league team in town - the Stars - and, to be honest, the tickets are just a bit pricey! However, tonight we get to indulge!

Why, you may ask, do Hubby and I like hockey? Say the word hockey a few times. Go ahead - I'll wait.

Doesn't it feel nice to say hockey? It is a fun word to say! That, my friends, is why we like hockey!


Voice Update: Doing okay. My neck is "tight" and this morning my allergies seem to be acting up resulting in some pretty huge sneezes which make my throat hurt! Rats, rats, double rats!

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Chris H said...

Hockey... nah it doesn't do it for me! Glad you like it though.