Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sailing on the Pacific Princess

Hi All!

Well, I am being brave today and trying for some more pictures. This time they are from around the ship, the Pacific Princess.

During dinner on one of the nights close to the end of the cruise, some of the dining room staff entertained the passengers with a fun medley of songs.

It was pretty dark in the dining room so I apologize for the dark picture. I love the guy with the ukulele!
The guy on the left was our waiter Amadoro. He was a very nice guy. In fact, he helped put the entire "show" together!

This is Larry and Linda. They were one of the two other couples at our table for dinner. We all laughed because each of us (all three couples) had asked to be seated at a table for two and instead we were at a table for eight (two chairs were empty the whole cruise)!

This is Theresa and Sal - the other couple at our table. They are originally from Italy and now live in Hollywood, Florida. They were so much fun. Also, they bought the table all kinds of treats - antipastos and fancy liqueurs. Such wonderful people. By the end of the cruise we were calling them Mom and Dad!

This is Teodorico, our assistant waiter. He is showing off the baked Alaska on the last formal night. I LOVE this dessert! Teodorico was always smiling.

I HERE TOO! THIS MY ROOM. (This is a little cupboard above our little refrigerator. T.O.D.D. liked to hang out in here when he wasn't out with us exploring the ports. He didn't want to go out too much on the ship because he was afraid of being trampled by "old people.")

I EXPLORE ROOM. FIND ODD CYLINDERS. NOT TASTE GOOD. (The batteries were from my camera. Of course, they needed recharged the very first day we were on the ship! This little table was great for all kinds of stuff, especially for holding the breakfast tray in the morning!)

(This is the love seat in our room. Not the most comfortable thing in the world but the two feather pillows were nice. I read here many times while waiting to go places.)

What is this???? Hubby is reading? Kind of? On each cruise, Hubby has a goal to read a book. We read when the ship is at sea and there aren't any activities that we want to do. It is nice when Hubby reads too!

Smile, Hubby! I caught you reading!
That is all of the pictures for today. More will be forthcoming when I decide to deal with Blogger. Actually, today all of the picture loading went very smoothly. I guess it is only when I am pressed for time that Blogger acts up!
Yesterday I worked for about four and a half hours. I was the only person in the office! Three of the therapists are on vacation and the other took Monday off! I got a lot of work done since it was so quiet but then decided to take off a bit early to get some grocery shopping done, oh joy of joys!
Do you like grocery shopping? I am not a real big fan. To be honest, it isn't the actual shopping that I don't like - even though it IS frustrating when people stop in the middle of the aisle and you can't get by and when they barge out of aisle without looking and then glare at YOU because they almost hit you! However, the actual shopping is sort of fun - a scavenger hunt of sorts. Looking for the right product with the best expiration dates and for the least amount of money.
Checking out . . . not as much fun as shopping. Why? Good question! Checking out isn't too much fun because, normally, the store has five express lanes open (four of which are the self-check out lanes) and only one "regular" lane open. That means that there is pretty much always a line in the "regular" lane. Not that a line is all bad - it does give me time to catch up on my tabloid headline reading. Some interesting stuff is on those rags!
Loading stuff in the car and then unloading at home . . . THIS is where everything takes a dramatic nose dive into yuckiness!
Loading stuff into the car in HOT temps isn't too much fun. Add to the heat the fact that the packers always think that putting boxes and tomatoes together is a good idea! Another favorite bagger combo is the strawberries and cans combo. This one makes a nice smoothie in the bottom of the bag when the strawberry container inevitably opens during the ride home.
Hop into the HOT car with the AC cranking for the five minutes drive home - not long enough to get cooled off properly - and then it is time to unload - in the HOT weather! Naturally, the unloading can't be done in one trip since the baggers enjoy putting each item in separate bags (except for the combos I listed above!). Leaving the door to the house open is out of the questions since my kitties would love to explore the garage and great outdoors.
Once the bags are all inside - finally - it is unpacking and putting away. And let me tell you, once you are sweaty from the heat outside, you just keep sweating away while moving around to put the groceries away.
Yes, I LOVE grocery shopping!
Voice Update: Doing okay. Not as good as I would like but . . . okay. I need to hit the massage harder than I have been. I forget when I am at work!


Mental P Mama said...

LOL. Don't get me started on the bagging techniques of the grocery store workers in the land....But that trip looked wonderful!

Chris H said...

I'm with you on the grocery shopping! I hate it with a passion... the whole thing from start to finish!
I sometime feel like committing murder in the aisles!