Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Is "I'm Sorry" Enough?

Hi All!

Last night before we went to sleep Hubby asked if I had seen Miss Cleo. Apparently, he though he heard her scratching from the inside of my armoire. Nope. I had no clue where she was.

However, at about 4:30 this morning, I was very well aware of where Miss Cleo was. She was snuggled up right next to me in the bed. With Skor trying to usurp her position. With violence. There was growling and snarling and tussling. At 4:30 this morning!

Well, both cats charged off the bed to continue their "argument" and I went back to sleep. I tried, I should say. About ten seconds later, Miss Cleo was once more up on the bed nestled at my side. Skor jumped up on the bed and after a brief tussle which Miss Cleo refused to dignify, took up position on the opposite side next to my head.

Both cats were purring to beat the band. If you are familiar with cats I know that you understand that cats have several volumes of purrs. Some are soft, contented purrs. Others - not so soft and definitely meant to get attention. These purrs - they were lawn mower loud!

Then Skor decided to up the stakes and begin massaging my throat. With his claws.

Over the past several weeks Skor and I have come to an agreement that massages with claws are not acceptable. However, this morning - at 4:30 - he would not stick to his agreement! The claws, which need trimmed, were out.

Finally, I decided that these normally loving creatures must want something. I stumbled out of bed and headed to the kitchen. Miss Cleo and Skor ran in front of me and led me directly to their obviously empty bowls. The bowls were so empty that it looked as if the cats had literally licked them clean.

Hmmmm. I got the container of food from the laundry room. Empty.

I got the big container of food from the pantry (note: Because our cats like "fresh" food we transfer smaller amounts into an air tight container which we put in the laundry room. The larger bag is then put into a big airtight container in the pantry for filling up the little container.). Fumbling around I managed to fill up both bowls and to spill a fair amount of food on the floor in the process. Leaving both the empty small container and the larger container on the kitchen table, I headed back to bed.

The cats left me alone until normal wake-up time a very sad couple of hours later.

I didn't sleep too well between the cat feeding and the wake-up time.

Hubby, who always makes it to the kitchen before me and who slept through the entire 4:30 feeding incident, noticed the containers on the kitchen table. As soon as I made an appearance, he said "I'm sorry! I forgot to give the kitties food last night." He repeated this phrase several times during our morning routine.

My question to you all is this - is "I'm sorry." enough for missing sleep and being clawed in the neck?

At least he cleaned the litter box before going to work!


Voice Update: I am doing well but still have that "I don't want to talk to anyone" feeling going on. Of course, I HAVE to talk to people since I am still working. What a conundrum!


Mental P Mama said...

LOL. Those cats sure have you trained;)

Chris H said...

Sorry is fine for the first time.. if he does it again.. now that would be different!

noble pig said...

Those cats were hunger crazed! Soryry you missed sleep. I suppose you can forgive him:)

Anonymous said...

So glad I do not have cats tussling in the bed. Maddie and Cassie never tussle and both sleep through the night at least 6 nights a week. Maddie occasionally needs the 4 am potty break!

Hope your voice feels better!