Monday, July 27, 2009

It's Nice to Have Live-in Help

Hi All!

In this time of economic trouble, it isn't very easy to afford live-in help but, luckily, Hubby and I have two WONDERFUL workers living with us.

We have a security guard . . .

This is one of his posts. This is the one where he watched for rouge bunny gangs who slip under the fence to bother us. He also has a post where he keeps the bird population under surveillance. I feel so much safer with our security guard around! sdfg

As well as outside security, we have a cracker jack in-house security agent.

Her job is to identify any unknown objects and to thoroughly investigate them to ensure that they are not dangerous to us in any way. If she finds an object to be suspicious, she smothers it with her body. What a self-sacrificing employee!

Both of these helpers perform many other duties in our house. They patrol the entire house, nooks and crannies included, several times a day - and night. They dust horizontal surfaces pretty regularly (now if only they could do vertical ones!). They check everyone who enters the house to make sure they are not carrying any illegal substances (the sniff test, of course). They also regularly let the house plants know that they will take no guff from them.

However, one of the most helpful things they do is to help me get dressed in the mornings.

Here they are inspecting the contents of my armoire.

Isn't it wonderful to have such superior live-in help? And all for the price of some kitty litter and kibble!


Voice Update: Still doing well. I expect to get a massage from Susan today - just a short one.


noble pig said...

Ha! But they look expensive!

Flea said...

You got it goin' on, girlfriend. Live-in security! Sweet. My live-in security would eat your for lunch, though. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, but do they cook?